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PO: Stone Temple Pilots - Purple Reissue

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Wouldn't necessarily recommend this site, as their prices are high and selection bad (OOF).... But they have the purple copies for PO *and* a 20% off sale. So under $30 with free shipping.

I figure if the pressing is bad, I can always sell a limited colored first-run press for more than I paid for it down the line.


20% OFF Entire Website Sale - Memorial Weekend (Code Memorial)

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On a vaguely related note, does ANYONE remember STP's cover version of "Conjunction Junction"? It would've been post-Core, pre-Purple. Heard it on alt-rock radio a few times.... Then when the Schoolhouse Rock covers album came out, STP were nowhere to be found.... replaced by Better Than Ezra's (pardon my French) donkey-balls rendition.


I've never been able to track down a copy (or even official release info), but I swear I'm not hallucinating this. I wasn't into the hard drugs yet back then.

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Yeah, most folks agree STP was *supposed* to record a version but backed up. I'm thinking they actually did the recording then decided not to release it (similar to Tool holding their version of "No Quarter" off the Zep tribute album). And then 99X in ATL snagged a copy and played it before (probably) getting a cease-and-desist. 


You'd think it would've surfaced by now tho.

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