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PO: Stone Temple Pilots - Purple Reissue

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Has anyone gotten their shipping notice from Soundstage Direct yet? I haven't gotten mine, maybe I'm just being too antsy for this!


Yes, I got mine a few days ago. However, when the Mother Love Bone (purple vinyl) was pre-ordered, I didn't get my shipping notice until like 3 or 4 days after everyone else.... and I know I had to have been one of the first to pre-order... So who knows what their process is. i wouldn't worry about it, you'll get the notice soon.

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Hi all,


Just wanted to throw in that my purple copy of Purple arrived today and wow...just WOW.  I was on the fence with MOV releases because I'd heard mixed reviews in the past and my copy of Throwing Copper by Live is just horrible.  


Those fears were laid to rest within the first few seconds of "Meatplow".  Absolutely fantastic on my set up (Technics sl1210-m4g / Shure M44-7 / Bellari VP130 pre-amp / Pioneer dsx-d608 / Pioneer sp-f551-lr speakers).  Sound so good that I listened to this record again from start to finish for the first time in probably 15 years and it sounded so fresh and new again I can't even begin to describe it other than absolute bliss!  


The sleeve is super glossy and the insert is really well done.  The cover art seems a little blurred (not sure if it's like this on the original?) but looks real nice.  The purple vinyl is just pretty as hell.  


For those of you still waiting, you're in for a real treat!  Money well spent.  BRING ON CORE!!!

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this pressing sounds pretty huge! out of curiosity I hit up MOV as to what they used for the source and was pretty happy with the response I received 


"We received 192 KHZ / 24 BIT files of the analogue tape of Stone Temple Pilots - Purple."


so im assuming the photos on the insert are the of the analog tape they were sent. my only gripe with this release would be the over saturated cover art but hey i'll take that over shit sound any day!!!

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Hi guys, 

Core is now available for pre-order at Music Record Shop! 
Following the recent reissue of Purple, Core is also being reissued on transparent color vinyl this time featuring an etched D side. Pressed by Music on Vinyl, this should be a top quality vinyl reissue of the boys' epic debut album. The double LP contains all 12 songs from the original album.
Can't wait to review it smile.gif 

Here's the link for pre-orders http://www.musicrecordshop.com/Stone-Templ...R/dp/B00DOQBWX6

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