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PO: Old Wives (CA), The Blendours (IA) Split LP! Amazing new Pop Punk, Purple Vinyl ltd. to 150!

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The long wait is over! Up for pre-order RIGHT NOW! The Old Wives and The Blendours Split 12" LP! Purple vinyl is limited to 150 copies, and comes with some rad Old Wives buttons and an Eccentric Pop magnet, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! I am so, so incredibly stoked on this LP – best new pop punk record yet in 2013, hands down!  There are some preview tracks on the pre-order page!!


PLUS... each pre-order is in the drawing for one of three test presses!


PLUS... I just stocked the store with TONS of rad pop punk records from Mooster Records, Jolly Ronnie Records, Kid Tested Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds, including several color variants that are either out of print or damn near out of print (I only have one copy of most of these!)  Buy all you can - I've gotta pay for the new Jetty Boys LP coming out in a few months!


AND... a new super mega bundle has been put up as well, featuring all the Eccentric Pop Records releases, two Kurt Baker records, and a FREE, OUT OF PRINT GROOVIE GHOULIES 7"!! holy smokes!


Don't miss out on this pre-order! The split LP is expected to ship on June 13th, and the only way to get your hands on one of those test pressings is through our store!


Eccentric Pop 2013!!! Wooo!!!!  How many exclamation points can one label possible employ!!



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