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FS: Relient K Radio Promo RARE!


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It's been a while since I've interacted on this forum (a couple years I think), but I got something for sale if any of you are interested. It's a radio promo cd in NM condition of Relient K from back in 2003. It features the songs "Falling Out" and "Forward Motion". There is no insert, just the cd and jewel case, which has the lyrics on the back. I'm asking $5. If I don't get any responses within a week, I'm gonna sell it online somewhere.


In other news, I'm definitely pre-ordering the new Relient K album on vinyl. Can't wait.



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I never realized these were official singles, unless they mainly went to the CMJ crowd.  However, I remember hearing Chapstick on my top 40 alt-rock station literally only one time because it wasn't Metallica or Disturbed.


I didn't either. On the cd itself it marks out that "Falling Out" was for the Christian radio stations, while "Forward Motion" was for the regular rock stations.

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I'll take it! Going away over the weekend, though, so can't pay until monday. How much ppd to Sweden?


Shipping to Sweden is $8. I have posted the CD up on my store for a quick and smooth transaction, so it would be a total of $13ppd, since Storenvy uses PayPal for all its transactions.



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