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hottest vinyl packaging/layout of the year?

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Guest conoley

I like the Murder by Death release, but the it seems as though the art is too low a resolution, it seems pixilated. My vote is for the final press of the Get up Kids Loveterller 7". Beautiful covers made of hand made paper from Nepal, spray paint stencil title and more.

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Murder by Death - Boca al Lupo

if you havent seen it, its totally ridiculous double 10" with a quadruple gatefold cover, and a slip case... with gold/red swirl vinyl... its gorgeous.

Agreed 100%...I tried to take photos of it to send a friend and it was next to impossible...when I folded out the whole thing, there was still some of the artwork hanging over the edges of a king size bed and the artwork is so detailed that any photo could never do it justice. It was expensive, but totally worth it.

I also LOVE the artwork on the two new 7"s by The Draft...so simple, yet amazing.

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i concur on the murder by death and the draft 7"'s. awesome artwork on the draft singles, and the mbd release is just incomparable. it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, even though the whole deal can get a little cumbersome when you just want to open it up and get at the records. but i wouldn't change a thing.

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Thanks for the Moneen tip Brian. I didn't know that was available either.

The new Antigama LP from Relapse is the prettiest thing I've seen in a while. Bright forest green (slightly transparent) with flecks of yellow and some other colours... I also preordered the new Pig Destroyer. I hope they put as much thought into the aesthetic of that one too.

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