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The Flatliners - Dead Language announced on FAT

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want to order but shipping to uk on new damage is disgusting 


Priority Courier 1 to 3 business days $84.82 ($84.42 US / 60.48 €) XpressPost International 4 to 7 business days $62.57 ($62.28 US / 44.61 €) Small Packet Air 
(not a traceable service)
6 to 10 business days $29.86 ($29.72 US / 21.29 €) Small Packet Surface
(not a traceable service)
up to 10 weeks

$19.10 ($19.01 US / 13.62 €)

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Anybody else try ordering a bundle from fat? When i get to the shipping options page, there aren't any options listed. :/

Ya, i can't get the bundle either.  I just tried ordering the color vinyl and t shirt seperately.  Same problem.



UPDATE:  Just ordered the vinyl by itself and was able to complete order.  Weird stuff.  I wanted that t-shirt!!!

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why its still available from new damage of color vinyl package http://www.maplemusic.com/dept.asp?dept_id=5536

their customer service must be pretty shit i email them like 3-4 days ago regarding ridiculous shipping costs and why its so high to uk and got no reply........well fuck you i ordered from FAT anYWAY

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