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so hey, my girl is in a bit of trouble in the netherlands and i need to pull together some extra fundage, and quick. il be headed to NYC tomorrow, so i want to make sales today/tonight, pack em up, and get em in the mail tomorrow before i go up. help me out and buy something, please!

$4 shipping in the US no matter how much you get. tests/record release are bold.

vinnie caruana - city (tour press) $20
as cities burn - son i loved you (clear) $30
fall out boy - take this to your grave (repress, random mix) $25
fall out boy - from under the cork tree (maroon) $20
into it. over it. 52 weeks (red w pin set) $50
dredg - el cielo (sealed) $25
turnover - magnolia (record release cover) 
turnover - magnolia (blue/white swirl) $20
manchester orchestra - mean everything to nothing (sealed) $20
boys night out - trainwreck $20
pianos become the teeth - old pride (test press 17/20) $110
pianos become the teeth/ezra joyce 7" split (test press) $40
pedro the lion - control (1st press clear w cd booklet) - $35 *pending*
mae - destination beautiful (2nd press swirl) - $35 
into it. over it./misser/state lines/you blew it 7" (test) - $150
the story so far - what you dont see (watermelon, sealed) - $21 
the fall of troy - doppleganger (ETR 1st press w/o bone haze) - $15
minus the bear - interpre del oso (180g black sealed) - $20
into it. over it/koji 12" split (test 16/20) - $120

dikembe/you blew it! split (blue 77/100) $20
dikembe/you blew it! split (black 63/100) $20 *pending*
both for $35

title fight - floral green $20
the story so far - under soil and dirt (yellow) $15 
converge - all we love we leave behind $20

if you think any of these prices are too high, please first understand my situation, then second shoot me a PM with what you think is fair and we can work something out.

ill add more later if these dont peak interest but im assuming they will. dont necessarily wanna sell these, just selected things i can part with to help my girl that i knew would move quicker. im gonna take a nap now and then get on later to check my PM's.

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thanks for the PM's guys. a few sold. keep em coming.


to expedite the process while im napping, if you want anything, add $4 to the total, and shoot it to [email protected]


id prefer a gift so i dont get shafted on fees. once you do that, then shoot me your address on here.


if something double sells, ill just refund whoever wasnt first. 


 im really going to sleep now. ill be up in a few hours.

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I know I'm bumping this way too soon as per VC regulation, so I apologize, but im running out of time and I lowered the prices on most!

Buy all 4 tests Together for 350! Or both pianos for 130, both IIOI tests for 250.

Also, really surprised nobody has jumped on Mae.

Help me keep my girl off the street, please!

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so far a lot of people have come forward to buy some stuff and helped out a lot. ive got all the money you guys gave me for stuff transferring to my bank account (fucking takes forever), then i can western union her the funds!


im packing everything up now to hit the PO tomorrow before i get on the bus for NYC. 


this is officially my last bump on this.

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after checking on tracking numbers on USPS, looks like a few people have already gotten their records.


im gonna be in virgnia tomorrow for a few hours, so if there is anything on this list that tickles your fancy, let me know and i can grab it while im down there and get it shipped out once i get payment and ship it out from here. 


also, if youve paid and you havent received a tracking number from me, your records go out monday. 


thanks guys.

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