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Mondo Moolah. Sell me your Blue Beyond. Maybe even some DeathWaltz releases? Come here.

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Like everyone else (seemingly) I'm pretty into the Mondo OST releases they've been doing recently.  I'm looking to expand my collection of the colored variants...
Especially looking for:
1. The Beyond (Clear Blue)
2. Maniac (OG)
Can use as trade+$ or sell straight up if you're interested in:
1. The Raid: Redemption: Black
I've already got and won't be interested in:
1. Drive (Pink)
2. Oblivion (Clear)
3. Deadly Spawn (Pink)
4. Maniac 2013 (White)
5. Poltergeist (Glow)
6. Drive (Picture Disc)
7. Ghibli - Spirited Away
8. Ghibli - Howl's Moving Castle
9. Ghibli - Princess Mononoke

10. Raid Redemption (Smoke)
Shoot me a message or post here - let me know what you'd like if you have a # in mind, if not I'll try to come up with one for ya.

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You're missing the clear vinyl version of Poltergeist (if you're looking to acquire all of them of course).


Eh, I'm not so much looking to be a "variant" collector - like having a black, color, pic and glow version of whatever is out. Moreso I'd like to have one of each, of the color/variant I like most.


If I can't for whatever reason get my hands on a glow - clear would be next on my list.

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Guest Secular Haze

Roooooooooooks. I hope you get them!

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