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framing help.

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For standard sizes...craigs frames via amazon are usually well priced (ordered a couple the other day <25 each) with prime shipping...more custom sizes are usually double price.

Those snap frames from hobby lobby run pretty cheap as well, bought a few for my 11x17 prints for 10 a piece awhile back and if you go to the drawing/painting section they have various colored art board that is the same size to use as as a backing/mat alternative)

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Custom framing is crazy expensive.  I wish it was something I was capable of doing myself.  I usually end up spending around $200 for custom frames (I've tried both AC Moore and a local shop, and the prices were pretty equal even with the 50% off coupons.)  Would love to hear if there are better options other than buying a standard sized frame.

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We carry PVC Sleeves that you can slide them into that are very affordable - as low as $1.60.  


We also carry Record Album Picture Frames - one for displaying the 12" jacket  and one for 12" picture discs!   We also have them available for 7" records.   To see our full selection go to www.squaredealonline.com and type "record frame' in the search box. :)  


We are having a special 10% off sale for Vinyl Collective members this month - just put "VINYLCOLLECTIVE10" in the "notes" section during checkout and we will manually deduct before charging your card (or will refund to your paypal payment if you choose that payment method).



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