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Screenprinted Jackets (Labels, Bands, One-off Test Press Jackets, etc.)

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Oh no, I'm not the only one..


My first transaction with him actually went really smoothly so I went ahead and put an order in for more jackets. I think about $100 worth. I sent him the money via paypal but for good and services versus a gift. I thought I was covering myself but then too much time had passed. He had been responding here and there saying he was busy with work so I gave him the benefit of the doubt but then he dropped off completely and stop responding all together. When I decided I would open a Paypal claim it had been 50 days since I submitted payment. Paypal covers you up to 45 days, if you don't open a claim on the 45th day then after that you're on your own. They did however give me his personal phone number. So I called him everyday for about 4 days straight and left him voicemails. He eventually texted me back saying something along the lines of "Sorry I forgot" Anyway I was able to get my money back from him in 2 installments over the course of a week. I hope you all have the same luck in recovering your $.


PM me for his phone number. 

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Wow.  I'm glad you got your money back & I hope the others who have yet to hear from him can have the same result.  If you're still looking to get jackets done, I recommend getting in touch with Patrick.  He does a bang up job and has a positive rep around these parts.  I think he posted in this thread a few times.

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Also backing Patrick. He's a busy dude but he won't disappear like this guy. Patrick is awesome with correspondence and produces quality work.

Jumping in Patricks corner as well. He made me some t-shirts and a hoodie and they came out killer. He did really great work and they look phenomenal.

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