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Eccentric Pop Records Discography Sale! 2 LPs, 2 7"s for $27.50ppd (Pop Punk)

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Hey there VC people


If you've been holding off on picking up  our releases, check out this bundle deal! All four records we've done so far this year for only $27.50ppd!




Eccentric Pop Records #s 5, 6, 7, AND 8 are in the works! And guess what? We need some money to pay for these things! Every last one is a top secret project (except the Jetty Boys upcoming LP, which everyone knows about), and every last one is absolutely AMAZING!!


But making records requires money. Lots of money. And we need some. To make amazing records. So here's the deal:


For a limited time, for $27.50 postage paid in the USA, you can get the first four records released by Eccentric Pop records! This includes:


EP01 - Parasites "Non Stop Power Pop Volume I" LP on blue vinyl
EP 02 - 4 Way Split 7" with Jetty Boys, Parasites, BraceFace, and the Outrights on black vinyl
EP03 - The Blendours / Old Wives split LP on black vinyl
EP04 - The Outrights "Can't Have You" 1-sided 7" on black vinyl


Check the individual item pages in our store for audio clips. This is a great deal on some of the best pop punk records released in the last year! Get on it!


Ships free in the United States
Ships for $16.25 to Canada
Ships for $24.25 worldwide




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