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Ty Segall - Sleeper

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Ty Segall Sleeper LP/CD/Cass To Be Released 8/20/13 Catalog # DC565









    Compact Disc



All Tracks
  1. Sleeper 3:55

  2. The Keepers 3:41

  3. Crazy 2:27

  4. The Man Man 3:17

  5. She Don't Care 3:48

  6. Come Outside 4:34

  7. 6th Street 2:55

  8. Sweet C.C. 3:36

  9. Queen Lullabye 4:21

  10. The West 3:16


Free shipping for me, might be because I threw in the tape with the LP. $26ppd.


Free shipping within the US.

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Seeing him play on Thursday. He is supposed to perform the whole of Sleeper and will be accompanied with a string section.


Cool. Lots of strings on the album. I bet it'll be a really intimate show.


heavy stock on the gatefold, I like


Yeah, it's a quality product in general. Vinyl sounds amazing. Expect nothing less from Drag City. 

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Mine arrived today. Finishing up the first side now. Almost all acoustic and the songs to be very thematically linked (specifically around sleeping and dreaming). If the second side is the same as the first, it'll be his mellowest album. But so far I'm really enjoying it. 


Even more mellow than Goodbye Bread?

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Totally love this album. While it's technically his "slowest", I find it heavy in its own way. I think it's great he can hop from instrument to instrument and genres and still maintain his level of quality.

Here's a taste of what the live show is like with the "Sleeper" band. All I gotta say is don't miss him if you have a chance to see this tour! Or POW!

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