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Daughters- S/T Repress in Semptember

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Since the title of this thread is misspelled can a mod just please rename it to "Simptember".

There's more black/blue of ST up again. https://hydrahead.merchtable.com/music/vinyl/daughters-daughters-vinyl-lp-repress/? EDIT: I don't know why I wanted color copies so badly, but here

Which one?  Merchtable?  Vinyl Collective? Either way, welcome to the forums!  I think you'll fit right in.

5 minutes ago, lethalenforcer said:

band-specific subs, forums or social media pages

Truly the best approach in a perfect world.  I just know that I don't have the time or energy to monitor all those, even in 1 feed.  VC's and r/VinylReleases' biggest strength is also their Achilles' heel when it comes to discouraging flippers.

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17 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

Unless you're vetting everyone who joins the discord, who is to say that flippers aren't joining there too?  Or that any of us VC regulars aren't low-key flipper scum behind the scenes?  Just a few variables to consider.  Between that and subreddits for limited vinyl drops, flippers will [unfortunately] prosper no matter what, I'm sure.

Definitely good questions/concerns and yes - that’s the plan. We require everyone to match their channel name to their username on here as verification. Obviously this doesn’t completely rid the problem but it’s a very good starting point. 

Since starting it up we’ve had a few different restocks and notifications for things people were looking for that we’re easily able to cop because it wasnt posted on here or reddit.

RSD included as well, I think everyone in the server got what they wanted either through someone sending them the link or finding it on their own etc.

the goal is to create an authentic community for people that just want to fill out their collections and help each other out in the process vs. an internet free-for-all including resellers 

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4 hours ago, Mattallurgist said:

UK people - anyone had any update on their order? Ship date was meant to be 30/10 but haven't heard anything, when you go onto the store the LPs are now gone! 

Got a mail from musicglue - think it was last week or two weeks ago. They said, that copies are deleted think it was by the end of november. 

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I was surprised AEC had this listed as special order (usually they show stock levels), so I threw 4 in the cart about a month ago and low and behold all 4 copies show up this week. I was able to get 1 of those for myself (black, was not expecting a color variant since it's usually the least limited variant for retail). So to anyone who missed out perhaps try requesting your local store orders you one, they may have held back a chunk of these for distros which may be why they sold out so quick online. 

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Got a Robotic Empire newsletter in my email just now. 


It shows a picture of "Canada Songs" 


With a quote saying "To help make 2021 better, we have a surprise in store for everyone late spring 2021!  More info to come." 


Looks like a repress is on the horizon. 


I remember seeing Daughters for the first time in 2003 in a small club in Toronto when they toured this album. People were leaping off balconies into to the pit below during their very short set


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