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WTB: Descendents, Millencolin, D4, Green Day, AWS, FAT, Epitaph

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Looking to knock a few wants off my list. If you have any of these, please drop me a message and hopefully we can work something out! I'll pay cash or trade for some - list in signature.



Against Me "Americans Abroad" (2xLP Black)
Against Me "White People For Peace" (12")
A Wilhelm Scream "Mute Print" (Yellow)D3
A Wilhelm Scream "Party Crasher" (Any 1st press splatter)
Blink 182 "Buddah" (any colour variant)
Bon Jovi "Greatest Hits - Ultimate Collection" (4xLP)
Chixdiggit! "Pink Razors" (Magenta)
Descendents "Cool To Be You" (Blue)
Dillinger Four "Situationist Comedy" (pink)
Feeder "Polythene" (Black)
Feeder "Yesterday Went Too Soon" (Black)
Frank Turner "Campfire Punkrock" (Yellow / Black / Splatter)
Frank Turner "Sleep is for the Week" (Black)
Green Day "39/Smooth" (with 7"s / Green / White)
Green Day "American Idiot" (Red)
Green Day "Dookie" (Green)
Green Day "Warning" (Green / white)
Iron Chic "Constant One" (Splatter / Pink)
Lagwagon "Live in a Dive" (Burgungy and Yellow)
The Lawrence Arms "Greatest Story Ever Told" (Burgungy)
Mad Caddies "Just One More" (Blue)
Manic Street Preachers "Holy Bible" (Pic Disk)
Manic Street Preachers "Lifeblood" (Black)
Mikey Erg "Heart" (Shaped Red)
Millencolin "Same Old Tunes" (Black)
MXPX "Life in General" (White)
MXPX "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo" (Black)
Propahandhi "Potemkin City Limits" (White / Green)
Randy "Welfare Problems" (Black)
Randy "You Can't Keep A Good Band Down" (Black)
Refused "New Noise EP" (Grey)
Stretch Arm Strong "Revolution Transmission" (Orange Black Splatter)
Stretch Arm Strong "Rituals of Life" (Orange)
Strike Anywhere "Dead FM" (Yellow)
Strung Out "Exile In Obvlivion" (Yellow)
Strung Out "Live in a Dive" (Red and Green)
Tim Vantol "Road Sweet Road" (Splatter, #'d, screen print cover)
Against Me "True Trans" (Clear)
Against Me "Thrash Unreal" (red)
Against Me "Stop" (Yellow)
Against Me "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" (red)
Against Me "Russian Spies" (Red / Blue)
Blink 182 "Short Bus" (Maroon)
Blink 182 / Swindle "Split" (Yellow)
Descendents "Clean Sheets" (Black)
Descendents "Enjoy" (Black)
Descendents "Ride The Wild"
Descendents - Any Bootleg 7"s
Green Day "Slappy" (Green / Blue / Laytonville)
Lagwagon "OX Fanzine Split" (Black with Fanzine)
Millencolin "Kemp" (Clear, Black)
The Movielife "Self Destruct" (Red / Black / White)
The Movielife "Face or Kneecaps" (Black)
The Movielife / "Split" (Clear)
No Use For A Name "s/t" (Any Variant)
Teenage Bottlerocket / The Ergs "Split"
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