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I will sell the last 3 LP's for 40ppd. Or pick 2 for 30. Or individual set price.

Their/They're/There - Clear Seafoam Vinyl - /1,000 - 24ppd

Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here not sure on the color. Looks to be an olive greenish tan marble. 17ppd

Man Overboard - Heart Attack on Purple - 20ppd

TA/LD Split 7" - $7.50ppd

The Vandals/Assorted Jelly Beans Split 7" (Kung Fu Records) - $7.50ppd

Defeater - Dear Father (gray) - 10ppd

Young English - I Hate My Friends (Orange) 7.50ppd

Old Gray - Everything I Let Go /100 opaque violet 10ppd

Hot Water Music - The Fire, The Steel, The Tread /200 electric blue - 10ppd

American Verse/Tired And True Split (Have every variant made, including the special screened cover.) $3 for any variant (3 different), $5 for the screened cover + (black) record

The World Is A Beautiful Place - Whenever, If Ever on clear with green blue splatter /200

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Youre Always On My Mind on clear with red yellow splatter /200

Misser - Problems. Problems. Problems. White with Red Haze (not sure how many of these were made) - $5

Old Gray - I Think I Might Love You Is An Awfully Long Sentence (Lathe Cut #27/50) - $15

Pm me if interested. Thanks.

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