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no ac/vinyl question..

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So, I'm pretty sure my air conditioning has broke on me this past week, since the temperature at my place hasn't dropped below 80 for the past few days. I don't really have the money, or time for that matter, right now to fix it; and it's not extremely unbearable so I can tolerate it for now, especially if I buy fans. haha. My concern is my records. Can the current temperature of my house hurt my records, i.e warp the records and or jackets? I just thought of this, and it's worrying me a bit. Anyone have any insight on this happening to them or what I can do? 

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my records sat boxed up (we just moved) in our house for about 5 days in the high 90s with high humidity when our A/C went out. I unpacked them a few days after that and they were perfectly fine.

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Here in Florida, it's common for it to be unbearably hot in the summer. And of course, it's hurricane season. If a storm bad enough hits us, we are usually without electricity from a few days to weeks.


When Hurricane Wilma hit us a few years ago, we were without power (and a/c) for about three weeks. All my records were fine as far as I could tell. I didn't exactly inspect each and every one of them. As long as they're not in direct sunlight, they'll be fine.

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Could be your freon. I had a leak in my AC and have had to get it recharged a couple times. A few years ago i was about $90, this last time it cost $300 :(


To get the leak identified it would run $1,500, and that's without repair. If I didn't have kids I'd just hang out with margaritas and oscillating fans.


Anyways, the price of freon varies depending on the type you need.


Your records should be ok as long as they're not in direct sunlight. I learned that the hard way (and then sum ;) ).

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