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Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16

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Got mine in!!

Going to need a bigger turntable.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

2 minutes ago, mrewest said:

Just got one on Revolver too so hopefully I get 1 of the 2 lol

I've ordered from Saint Victus and Revolver...  with international shipping as bad as it can be at the best of times, I fully expect one of these to go missing so wanted to up my chances of owning at least 1 copy. 

Got 'YELLOW RED BLUE' from SV and 'GREEN ORANGE CLEAR' from Revolver. 

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5 minutes ago, Kyle_ftl said:

I hope to god my order goes through lmao. I love how no one even bothers complaining about the $45 price tag for it either

It was $55 last time (yes it came with a ticket but like only 5% were able to use) 


and tbh $45 for a vinyl like this is pretty reasonable... 

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12 minutes ago, dapeebs said:

The one I ordered from revolver is still available from them. I'd wager there must be at least 5-10 of each. Any more than that I feel like would be over the top. 

I actually see now revolver has multiple listings of the same variant, so youre prob right 

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30 minutes ago, angryalan said:

I wanna die.



Check your e-mail inbox.


I wasn't able to check out on the site then all of a sudden I received FIVE different email confirmations for the same variant.

This will be messy, I'm giving up the chase now.

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2 minutes ago, drewberinger said:

the irony of hoping to just get 1 copy of coloring book and ending up with 3-5 copies haha

If only I had planned it to make three solid color copies. Fiddlesticks!

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3 minutes ago, MyEnemy said:

Same... 🤦‍♀️

Yep. There's gonna be a ton of these ending up on the second hand market from tons of us franticly ordering. I never successfully made it to the end of the checkout at glassjaw's merch direct store. Ordered elsewhere. And got a conformation email from the glassjaw store. So I have no idea what I'm actually going to end up with. 

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I just counted the products on each retailer 


revolver has 22 items per page, 5 pages.. so they have 110 copies in stock (so with multiples of each variant they def don’t have all 120 variations) 


BV has 25 items per page, 6 pages but the first page has MC and the last page only has 1 item, so they got 125 copies, assuming across all variations

saint vitus has 6 pages, 20 each so they have assuming they have 1 of each variant for a total of 120 copies. 

I don’t even wanna look at merch direct cause I’m sure it’s still crashing, but assuming they have 1 of each variant listed 



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