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Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16

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41 minutes ago, Satan said:

Where is MD based out of? Informed Delivery just shot me a label created text from LA.


36 minutes ago, iDealélan said:

Pretty sure they ship out of Bay Shore, NY. That’s where Material Control shipped from anyhow.

Got the same for this shipping notification.

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22 hours ago, tipyourbartender said:

I ordered through MD and Saint Vitus, haven't received shipping notification for either yet. 

I'm in the same camp as you. Haven't seen anything yet.


EDIT: I got a shipping notification email from MD about an hour after I posted this lol

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On 4/8/2021 at 7:44 AM, Scruffy...the janitor said:

Still no shipping email for me. I have the Glassjaw order email confirmation, but upon further investigation I never got a PayPal confirmation email. So it goes. 

I just got a shipping email from MD. Apparently I paid with my credit card. All is well now

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"Got my coloring book vinyl(s) in today, and I’m super excited to get it spinning"


If you're gonna get the plural of vinyl wrong, at least get your tenses straight. MAN OH MAN...


EDIT: I forgot about the autocorrect vinyl(s) feature, hahahaha.

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3 hours ago, SNEAKORDS said:

I'm confused. it actually ships in three pieces? is that what I'm seeing on the right side, dividers for each ring?

Yes. Each color is a separate ring so needs to have its own slot otherwise it would all be loose and scratching on itself in a regular sleeve. The first pressing they put in a record frame, the pressure from the two sides holds it together. I like this method better lol.

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