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Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16

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3 hours ago, j67ab said:

Interesting, got shipping confirmation for the CD.

Yeah, got one last night. 

Did all standard copies of the record come with a CD and were they shipping CDs separately to all records?  (Yesterday was the first time I heard about it coming with a CD)


also, if I’m returning my record to Revolver because it came scratched to shit do you think they’ll want the CD back as well? (Since it was shipped separately)

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On 5/14/2021 at 4:47 PM, Jim Steele said:

Pff, ended up having to pay import duties as well, €21. Add that to the $45 for the record and $25 for shipping to Europe and this is by far the dumbest purchase I’ve made in about 18 years of collecting. Records show some nasty scratches too. 

I just received my copy here in France, no duties for me fortunately. Brown sleeve in excellent condition. When opening the 3 discs are upside down. All extremely dirty and dusty, scratches visible, with even traces of glue on the outer ring. And yes, the colors are reversed compared to my order (blue red green).

Time for a really good cleaning before spinning.

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Both my copies (black cover and brown cover) arrived in perfect conditions so I feel very lucky.  Listened to one of them the other day and it doesn’t sound too bad.  Some noise here and there but I honestly doubt I’ll be listening to these physical copies again anytime soon.  So nerve wracking dropping that needle on each section.

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