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Looking to make a little room on the shelves and in the dresser. Shipping from Vermont, will ship to Canada (postage costs ain't pretty though). PM me or email me at [email protected] with offers! May also entertain trades, mainly for hardcore records and merch.


Just about everything is in near perfect condition. I baby my collection.

Feel free to request pictures!



  • Agnostic Front - That's Life (Clear w/ Screenprinted B-Side, /700)
  • Anti-Flag - Emigre
  • Green Day - Holiday (Picture Disc) (a bit scratched)
  • Living Eyes - Starve for Agony (Clear, First Press)
  • Nuclear Tomorrow/Drunkin Punkin Idiots Split
  • Police and Thieves - S/T (Yellow, "The People's Soldier" Limited Cover, /30?)
  • R'N'R/Fit For Abuse - Split (White, /700)
  • The Lookouts - IV (Lookout! Records #42)
  • Weekend Nachos - Black Earth



           American Cheeseburger/Religious As Fuck - Split (Muddy Red, /250)

  • Burnman - Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition (/1,108)
  • Casualties, The - Made In NYC (Gatefold Double-LP)
  • DYS - More Than Fashion: Live From the Gallery East Reunion (White, /300)
  • Green Day - Nimrod (Yellow, Never opened/Still in shrink wrap)
  • Mother of Mercy - IV: Symptoms of Existence (Black/Grey/Blue Swirl, /700)
  • Our War - If You're Not Now... (10")
  • Various Artists - CITY LIMITS: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal (Purple Marble, /410)

Tees (Black unless otherwise noted):

  • Anti Flag - War Sucks, Let's Party (S)
  • Anti-Flag - Power to the Peaceful (Green, M)
  • Ceremony - Abstract Circles (White, YL)
  • Dangers - Man on a Skyscraper (Grey/White, S)
  • Dead Kennedys - Fiscal 1983 U.S. Tour (S)
  • Down To Nothing - Skull (Dark Blue, S)
  • Generation X - Valley of the Dolls cover (M)
  • Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Class of 13'/Band Portrait (Dark Green, L)
  • Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Gloria/Molotov Art (White, L)
  • Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Tour 2009 Band Portrait (L)
  • Green Day - American Idiot Heart Grenade Button-Up/Work-Shirt (L)
  • Green Day - Know Your Enemy (Grey)
  • Have Heart - Yellow Text Down Side/TF! logo (Green, S)
  • Hawthorne Heights - HH Flower Art (S)
  • Kid Dynamite - Peanut Chews "All Natural Punk Rock" (S)
  • Minor Threat - Bottled Violence (Red, S)
  • Minor Threat - First EP Cover (Red, M)
  • Outbreak - Part 1 of 4 Shirt Series (Light Blue, S)
  • Ramones - CBGB Photo (M)
  • Right Brigade - Spade Logo (YL)
  • The Acrobrats - Text Logo (Red, M, Junior Tee)
  • The Casualties - You Don't Own Our Future (M)

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