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KS(Kickstarter) Entropia (Poland)- Vesper 2xLP (RIYL Deafheaven, black metal, sludge, post-rock etc.

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This style is almost overdone already and I'm already starting to get annoyed with the 'blackgaze' tag. But Vesper is fresh, interesting and memorable. This is an AOTY contender and I think 'Gauss' will probably be my SOTY


The CD version came out in March and it's received universally great reviews.  Encyclopaedia Metallum gave this 95/100. On SputnikMusic.com Vesper is ranked in the top 5 on black metal and post-rock charts, #1 on the sludge chart and #15 in all genres (voted by users).


Stream it



The Kickstarter.


250 black

100 band exclusive black w/grey splatter (10 on kickstarter)

150 black/bone splatter

there are a couple test presses left.



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I'll admit, I've never been too keen on the "black metal" genre - however this fits in for you black metal aficionados.

Not for dislike but mostly due to simply not taking the time to hear anything through.


This album, after a few listens, definitely grows on you tho.


For anybody who's X'ed this off without proper attention given... give it a thorough listen!!

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Thanks for the encouragement.

I didn't do that though. Where did you see it? Possibly the band did that, I don't know. Thanks for the idea though. If anyone knows any other boards, blogs or anywhere else I can post this any help would be appreciated.


Derp.... Nevermind about the blogspots.

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Kickstarter funds all (minus fees) or nothing. We are a long ways from our goal. Yes, we do need all $5,000 to make this work. Maybe we set our goal a little hight but if we get close we can fund the rest out of our pockets.


Kickstarter doesn't guarantee their backers will deliver and that kind of sucks. I love this album and I want to own it on vinyl. If no one else is going to try I thought I would. If it doesn't happen then at least I've helped spread the word about the band. A few years ago I co-ran Milk n' Herpes and everything went smoothly. So I do have some experience in getting a record pressed and mailed out.

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