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HIP KID RECORDS Catch-All Thread (New and Used Punk/Hardcore/Metal/etc)

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I figured I'd start a thread on here for my label/distro HIP KID RECORDS.


Check the most recent post for the most up-to-date news and distro updates.  

For more information and updates, check out http://hipkidrecords.blogspot.com
The distro and web store is at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com
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Some new stuff from trades coming in:  


Cool Mutants/Dead Beach - split 7"

Globsters - Rock n Roll Misery 7"

Gasmask Terror - 17101961 7" 

Terveet Kadet - Piinaava Nautinto 7"


Ash Borer - 2009 Demo LP

Batillus - Concrete Sustain LP

Hoax - Collection LP

Nervosas - s/t 2x LP

Indian Summer - Same LP

Stoic Violence - s/t LP

( ) (a.k.a. D. Vassalotti) - False X-Mas LP


http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com is where to score.  


I'm going to be doing a HUGE used update in the new few days as well.  

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Huge distro update to coincide with the COWARD 7" (Nashville punk outfit who recently put out a 7" of which I have 25 copies with exclusive covers) going on sale: 


Coward - s/t 7" 

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge 7"

Removal w/ Joey Shithead - 7" 

Rumbleseat - Saturn in Crosshairs 7" (brown)

Rumbleseat - Picker 7" (brown)

Suicide File - s/t 7"

Step Forward - 10 Song EP 7"

Punch - Eyeless 7" (yellow)

Punch - Nothing Lasts 7" (white)

Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7" (1st press)

Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria 7" (orange)

Deep Sleep - Paranoid Futures 7"

Dead Radical/XbrainiaX - split 7" (white)

Dead Radical - Inc 7" (green)

Dead Friends - Them vs Them 7"

Measure [sa]/New Bruises - split 7" (maroon)

Merchandise - Schoolyard/Graveyard 7"

Merkit - s/t 7"

Cervix - Life Fucker 7"

Cardiac Arrest - s/t 7" (limited hand stamped)

Black SS - s/t (TIFY Fest cover)

Vitamin X - Rip It Out 7"

Spine - Subhuman 7"

Slavescene - Fuck Off Away From Me 7" (red)

Shang-A-Lang/God Equals Genocide - split 7" (red)

Rites - Fuck Them If They Can't Take A Joke 7"

Rites - Your Last Rites 7"

Republicorpse - To The Dome 7" (green)

Psyched to Die - Scatter Brained 7"

Noose - It's Your Time 7" (blue)

Nomos - s/t 7"

V/A - No Bullshit Vol I 7"

Night Birds - s/t 7"

Natural Law - s/t 7"

Tiltwheel/Notice - split 7" (orange)

Your Pest Band/Defect Defect/Groaning Groove - split 7" (gray)

Formaldehyde Junkies - s/t 7"

Blank Stare - s/t 7"

V/A - Read Army Faction 7" (green)

Skate Korpse - s/t 7"


Bomb the Music Industry - Get Warmer LP (blue/clear splatter)

Victims - Divide and Conquer LP

Severed Head of State - Power Hazard LP

Razorfade - s/t LP

Punch - Push/Pull LP (clear)

Nuclear Family - s/t LP (tour edition)

Nasa Space Universe - Across the Wounded Galaxies LP

Lifetime - s/t LP (blue)

Libyans - A Common Place LP


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Small update today with a bigger one coming tomorrow.  I added these three jammers to the store tonight though because they're that good.


Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions 7" (yellow)
Hay Fever/Betty Nico - split CS
Snotrocket - Demo CS

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More goodies today.  Some new stuff and a couple used jams that don't turn up too often.



Autonomy - The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction LP

Big Dick - s/t LP

Rumspringer - Stay Afloat LP$

Sundowners - The Larger Half Of Wisdom LP


Holy Molar - s/t 10"

Total Fury - Committed to the Core 10"


Feral Trash - Dead Eyes 7"

Kaospilot/Neil Perry - split 7"

Measure [sa] - Jersey's Best 7"

Monikers - Men 7" (TEST PRESS, teal)


Marked Men - Ghosts CS





More where that came from early next week.

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Some more new goodies, both new and used:


The Devil is Electric - s/t 7" (red)
Discharge - Decontrol 7"
Fifth Hour Hero - You Have Hurt My Business... 7" (purple)
Folded Shirt - s/t 7"
Four Eyes - s/t 7"
Grabbies - Live 7" (purple)
Retainers - Waste of Time 7"
Sinks - I Drove the Sinks 7"
Varix - s/t 7" (purple)
Killing Joke - Outside the Gate CS (used)
Ministry - Twelve Inch Singles CS (used)
More stuff coming in a couple of days!

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Some excellent Japanese punk in the distro for those who goofed/weren't able to make the THIRSTY CHORDS/TURNCOAT shows in the Midwest this month. 


Drift Age - Paint It Black 7"

Turncoat - Under The Streetlight, Swarming Insect CD

Turncoat - Raise Your Flag CD

V/A - The Bastards Can't Dance: A Tribute the Leatherface CD


Turncoat - logo shirt



This stuff's cheaper than you're likely to find it anywhere else in the US, so get on it:



Tons of new and used stuff to be added on Monday.  

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Some new jams.  Something for everyone:


Crow Bait - Three Tickle Guys 7" (white)

Direct Hit!/Braver - split 7" (clear)

Baby Ghosts - Ghost in a Vacuum 7" (ltd cover)

Iscariote/Complete - split 7"

Like Bats - Look on the Bright Side (TEST PRESS)

Masked Intruder/Turkletons - split 7" (yellow)

Masked Intruder/Turkletons - split 7"

Smooth Brain - One of Them 7"

Social Coma - s/t 7" (NAT Records)

Teenage Bottlerocket - A-Bomb 7" (red)

Teenage Bottlerocket - A-Bomb 7"

Unfun - Pain Prescription 7" - purple and beige



Funeral Diner/Evylock - split 10"

Hard Feelings - Swell LP

Galactic Cannibal - We're Fucked LP



Lizzy Borden - Give 'Em The Axe CS (used)

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Crush CS (used)

Tool - Undertow CS (used)


Thanks - Demos CD



We're also down to 8 copies of the BOILERMAN LPs with OBI strips and one copy of the HEDLOK tape.  


Plenty more records where these came from in a few days.  

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A few new records and tapes in the distro today:


House Boat - 21st Century Breakdown LP

Rational Anthem - Whatevermind LP (green/purple split)



Aloners - Demo CS

Pure Disgust - Demo CS


Hunting Party - Sub Rosa With Whispered Pacts 7"

Mary Christ - s/t 7"

Slag - s/t 7"

State Violence - s/t 7" (blue)




In other news, the NOTCHES demo and ELSINORES LP are both recorded and should be going to press soon.  Keep a keen lookout.

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Some new gems today.  


Like Rats - s/t LP (red)


Black Market Fetus/Bodies Lay Broken - split 7"

Dead Radical - Rottenness 7" (tour press)

Fucked Up - Police (2nd press)

Half Gorilla - Graceless Beasts 7" 

Snifter - Action...Reaction! 7" 

Walker - If Your Punk Rock, I'm Single 7" 


Cold Shoulder - Same Fucking Excuses CS (used)

Fucked Up - Mix Tape CS (used)

Gunk - s/t CS


M Blanket/Slinky - split 7" is restocked too!




If you're into FUCKED UP, I've got a handful of other recrods by them - some rare, some not - that will be up soon along with a ton of new and used additions.

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A ton of Fucked Up stuff and a smattering of other goodies in the store:


Pink Houses/Snarlas - split 10"


Cringer - Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo LP

Double Negative - Daydream Nation LP

Insubordinate - s/t LP

Pesd - Politikårepoizonëkurvae LP (orange)

Thelonious Monk - Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington LP


City Mouse - s/t 7" (red)

Daniel James Gang - Nothin' I Can Do 7" (pink)

Fucked Up - Triumph of Life 7"

Fucked Up - Dance of Death 7" (1st press)

Fucked Up - Baiting the Public 7"

Fucked Up - Generation 7"

Fucked Up - Litany 7"

Fucked Up - No Pasaran B/W Circling The Drain 7"

Fucked Up - Black Army 7" 

Fucked Up - Black Cross 7" 

Fucked Up - Dangerous Fumes 7" (Deranged Records, 1st press)

Fucked Up - Dangerous Fumes 7" (Hate Records, 1st press)

Parasol - Crush Season 7"

Rational Animals - Perception Becomes Reality 7"

Vile Gash - Deluded 7" (red)


Mudhoney - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge CS (used)




More new and used goodies after Thanksgiving. 

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I'm proud to post the excellent "Dreams of Youth" LP by The Elsinores on the Hip Kid bandcamp.  



Here's the cover for this jammer:




This album is a cohesive, excellent blend of punk, post-punk, garage, new wave, and bits and pieces from the tapestry of underground music.  The LPs are in production and should be out in a couple months, so get stoked for that now by listening to this a bunch like I have.  

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Some great used stuff in the store today, some of which doesn't pop up too often:


Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice - split LP (blue)

Dead Language - s/t LP

The Freeze - Misery Loves Company LP


A//Political - Propaganda by Deed 7"

A//Political - Punk Is A Ghetto 7"

Disfear/Doomriders - split 7"

Off With Their Heads/Dear Landlord - split 7" (purple)

Propagandhi - Where Quality Is Job #1 2x7" (yellow/brown)

Propagandhi - How To Clean A Couple O' Things 7" (orange)

Rites of Spring - All Through A Life 7" 


Amdi Petersen's Arme - Gor Plads Til Noget Nyt CS

Tragedy - Vengeance CS


http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com is where to snag it.

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Some really good punk, hardcore, and metal LPs in the distro today:


Bomb the Music Industry - Album Minus Band LP (green)

Challenger - Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses LP

Column of Heaven - Mission From God LP

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy and the Poor Boys LP

Lawrence Arms - A Guided Tour of Chicago LP (red)

Teenage Bottlerocket - Freak Out LP

Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came From the Shadows LP

Tensions - Ghosts LP (purple)

Total Abuse - Mutt LP

Twilight - Twilight LP

Unseen - Lower Class Crucifixion LP 

VMW - s/t LP

Wipers - Out Takes LP



Get them while the getting's good.  

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New and used goodies added to the distro today:


American Steel - Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts LP$

Kill Your Idols - For Our Friends LP

Mayflower - Second Best Sunsets LP (purple)

Outlast - As Sure As I Live LP (orange)

Outlast - As Sure As I Live LP 

Sea of Shit - s/t 10"

Suicide Note - Empty Rooms LP (bone white)

Supersleuth - And It Still Beats LP (pre-cover, purple)

Vitamin X - Down the Drain LP 

Vitamin X - Down the Drain LP (cloth cover, clear)

Vitamin X - See Thru Their Lies LP (pre-cover)

Wolfbrigade - Damned LP



Contra - Boys Club Anthems CD

Littleman Complex - s/t CD

Stupid Plots - Wanna Only Be Stupid Plots Discography CD



Lots of the finest punk, hardcore, and metal coming atcha in the next few days.

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I'm going to start doing weekly updates instead of whenever stuff comes in.  

So these'll be more regular and less obnoxious!  Here's what's new this week - so much really good stuff:


Cornerstone - Beating the Masses LP

Love Triangle - Clever Clever LP

Murmurs - Fly With The Unkindness LP

Sickoids - No Home LP

Tragedy - s/t LP

Vitamin X - See Thru Their Lies LP (clear)


The #1's - Sharon Shouldn't 7"

Double Negative - Hits 7" (pink)

Hygiene - s/t 7"e

Love Triangle - Boomerang Girl 7"

Tragedy/Totalitar split 7"

V/A - Something to Du: A Tribute to Husker Du 7"


Iron Chic - Spooky Action CS

Panzram - Judgement Night Soundtrack CS


Seven Inches to Freedom #12 zine

Street Preacher #1 zine




Plenty more where that came from.  Keep an eye out.

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Some classic used jams and crucial new platters:


Amateur Party - Truncheons in the Manor LP

The Dread - Can't Get Away LP

Future Virgins - Late Republic LP (green)

Lindseys - Religious Sexts LP

Manpig - The Grand Negative LP

The Magnificent - Bad Lucky LP

Toys That Kill - Fambly 42 LP


Autonomy/Street Eaters - split 7" (purple)

Breakfast - Second EP 7"

Creamers - Slow Burn 7"

Godsquad/The Dread - split 7"

Low Charge - s/t 7"

Stymie/Kicking Spit - split 7"

Tenement/Screaming Females - split 7" (gold)

Traitors - No Friends 7"

Traitors - So Happy When I'm Hating 7"

Urban Blight - s/t 7"



Creeping Dose - Demo CS

Ovvl - s/t CS




Just got a bunch of fresh stuff in the mail, so get excited.

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In label news, THE ELSINORES LP is at the plant.  Should be ready in the next couple months.  NOTCHES' demo tape goes to the plant this month!

I'm trapped inside by deadly cold, so here are a bunch of new records.  Some LPs, some tapes, a ton of 7"s, and a new zine:
Bob Mould - Silver Age LP
Kurt Vile - Wakin' On A Pretty Daze 2xLP
Automatics - In Disguise 7"
Big Eyes - Back From The Moon 7"
Billy Raygun - Seasick 7" (gray)
Billy Raygun/Rational Anthem - split 7"
Bloody Gears - Frozen Rain 7"
Cheap Art - Desocialized 7"
Closet Fairies/Party Garbage split 7" (grey)
Dead Mechanical - A Great Lie 7" (pink)
Def Choice - Culture Is Dead 7" (pink)
Falter - Descent 7" (blue/pink swirl)
Mall'd To Death - The Process Of Reaching Out 7"
The Measure [sa]/O Pioneers! - split 7" (purple)
The Heartdrops - Truth Comes Around 7"
No Tongue - s/t 7"
North Lincoln - AOTU Single 7"
Old Flings/Break-Ups split 7"
Rat Storm - Empty Hands 7" (colored vinyl)
Shang-A-Lang - Summertime 7" (white)
Stymie/Kicking Spit - split 7" (lavender)
Warm Needles/Costanza split 7"
Warm Needles - Pretty Tambo 7"
The Wayouts - Valentine's Day 7" (red)
Peeple Watchin' - Something Ta Tell Ya CS
Occultonomy - Demo CS
Let Down #1 zine
Plenty more where that came from next week.  Stay tuned.  

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Do you do a mailing list, or post these updates elsewhere?


I also post the updates on the label's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hipkidrecords .


I'm actually setting up a mailing list this week.  If you want in, just shoot me an email at [email protected] with subscribe in the subject.  I'll be sending out updates to the email list first.  Thanks for the interest.  

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