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Hey there! We have a brand new release to offer you. It's a split LP between Child Bite(Detroit) and We Are Hex(Indianapolis). Like the Child Bite/Dope Body split, it's a one-sided silk-screened LP that looks fucking insane (more fantastic Shawn Knight artwork). And the songs are awesome. Two brand new songs from each band. You might know Child Bite from their recent split 7" with David Yow on Joyful Noise. You might know We Are Hex from their blue room 7" on Third Man Records. Maybe you just know them because they are both awesome bands. And really I could sit here and try to describe the music or you can just go to the link below and stream the whole thing and decide for yourself. Either way, the records are en route and will begin shipping next week. You can order either color or both (and save a few bucks) or just DL it on the cheap. Or stream it for free. Whatever.  





Here's a mockup. We'll get an actual picture up as soon as they're silk-screened and ready to go.



If you are in the Detroit metro area, they are playing a little release show on Friday, September 27th at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI. $10 gets you in the door AND a free copy of the LP. That's insane, right? Here's the Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/144766015734292/



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Thanks dudes!


The actual final product is going to look even cooler. This is just a mockup. Will post pictures soon. They're being screened shortly. Basically, like every other record I've ever done with Child Bite, this one is gonna go down to the wire. Might be a slight hiccup in mailorders going out (we're not going to have all of the records screened this weekend...not sure if I'll have enough left after the release show to cover the orders), but they'll be out by the END of next week at the very worst. 

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It's insane because the van was stolen right outside of Shawn's (the singer) work on a busy ass crowded street downtown between 11:30 AM and 2 PM....the same place he parks the van EVERY DAY.  


Also, there's no way whoever stole the van had any idea there was gear in it. They have a lofted cage in the back and no windows. There's absolutely NO way to tell what's in there. I'm guessing they thought it was going to be power tools, etc. because they have one of those construction locks on the back. They are going to have to cut the doors off to even get to that shit. Since they have the van, they'll have plenty of time I guess. 

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Realized I never posted actual pics! Here are some! Green vinyl: 





This looks insane! Found Child Bite not too long ago and really dig their sound... I get a Dead Kennedys vibe from them, great stuff! Showed these to my girlfriend and she loved them, just ordered the Lp collector bundle, killer deal, jump on this you guys!

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Bumping this because I'm sure plenty of people missed it. This record rules. These bands rule.


We Are Hex is working on a new album that'll come out this summer.


Child Bite just put out a 5" record on Housecore Records of them doing Anal Cunt covers with Phil Anselmo on vocals. No joke. Get on that. 

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