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HIP KID RECORDS Catch-All Thread (Coltranes/Boilerman/Distro Stuff/etc)

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I've got a lot of label stuff going on lately, so I figured I'd make a catch-all thread here for it.  


First off, THE COLTRANES "Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat" LP is out. 




That's what it looks like.   You can hear it/download it at http://hipkidrecords.bandcamp.com



I'll be doing mailorder for the new BOILERMAN LP, "Loss Leaders," and it should be shipping on Wednesday.  There are still some limited versions with special OBI strips available, though probably not for much longer.

 Listen to the album at http://boilerman.bandcamp.com



The HEDLOK "Year of the Wolf" CS is nearing sold out.  Check that out if you like thrash metal done right.  



The DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" LP will be out on October 1st.  It comes with a download of the band's entire discography!  




I also have been consistently updating the distro.  I put these jammers in there today:


M Blanket/Slinky - split 7"
Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide - split CS
Deep Pockets - Demo CS
Porkeria - La Mierda De Siempre LP
Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP
Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP
V/A - Welcome to 2013 comp LP
Curmudgeon - Amygdala LP
Sickoids - No Home LP
Everything Went Black/Rattletooth - split 7" (red/clear)
Better Days - Good Luck Tonight 7" (purple)
Crybaby/Adult Braces - split 7" (pink)
A//Political - Propaganda by Deed 7"
The Honor System - Rise and Run LP
Dan Padilla - As the Ox Plows LP
Buy anything in the thread at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com  
Thanks for the support.  

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Added some stuff to the distro.  Check it out!


Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7" (gray)
Literature - Tie-Dye b/w Apples 7"
White Night - s/t 10"
Gateway District - Old Wild Hearts LP
Crusades - The Sun Is Down... LP$
Slow Warm Death - s/t LP
Crusades - Parables 7" (gray)
Derailer - I Don't Forgive You CS



Get on it at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com

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Also, some updates in the distro today with more to come soon!


Sick/Tired - Kings of Dirt LP
Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy LP
Birth Deformities - Suburbanized 10"
Decay After Death - System Fucking Bastards 7"
Sweet Tooth - Blister Music flexi 7"
Dry Hump - s/t 7"
Technicolor Teeth - Sage 7"
Landbridge - s/t 7"
Parasitic Twins - s/t 7"
Rat Storm - Fractured 7"
Rotting Palms - s/t 7"
Fracaso - Demo CS
Cloud Rat/Xtra Vomit - split LP
Cloud Rat/Republic of Dreams - split LP
Old Soul - Tidal Lock LP (purple)
Crude - 1999 LP

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