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PO: Killing Thing Charity 7" FFO Code Orange Kids / Trash Talk / ETID

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Just put up a PO for this 7" http://softspeakrecords.bandcamp.com/album/killing-thing

3 songs, super tight.

It was recorded by Matt Very who also recorded the Code Orange Kids song from that 7" they did with tigers jaw/twiabp/self defense family. If you dont own that split you should pick it up super quick. 


If you like it, Itd be cool if you bought it since all the proceeds go to charity. If its not your thing, or you dont have the money, thats cool too. 

I appreciate all the help ive gotten from Vinyl Collective in the past. 


PO available here: http://softspeakrecords.storenvy.com/products/2966649-killing-thing-7

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