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The Bled - Pass the Flask LP Hot Topic exclusive REPRESS available now

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This announcement made me register for an account here. Fantastic news, everyone has demanded it on Facebook/MySpace for years.


...and to clarify a post made in another 'Bled' thread about the PTF vinyl release, etc... the original vocalist (who was only in the band's EP 'His First Crush', not PTF) did not write the EP or PTF. The only member who's been in the band from the start to finish wrote both the EP And PTF.  -Just sayin', since that's a hefty credit to take name for.


REALLY hope this is happening this December!

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Cousin Avi: "Yes, London. You know, fish, chips, cup o' tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins … London!"

Ritchie's best. But yeah, shipping is pretty ridiculous. It's been cheaper for me to find someone to pick it up from a store and ship it to my via First Class International in the past.

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Havent been this excited for an album pressing in a long time.


Lost In The Flood next?


Found in the Flood would make me so happy. There two recent albums were by no means bad, but Found in the Flood is almost as good as Pass the Flask. Hotel Coral Essex and The Last American Cowboy are two of my favorite Bled songs for sure. 

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I love all of their albums...I really hope they all see the light of day someday.  FITF would be fantastic...Hoping that PTF sells out really fast that the powers that be realize that FITF should absolutely get pressed as well, and Heat Fetish, for that matter.  The Bled is such an underrated band.  Still love them and listen to frequently.  Can't wait to spin PTF and hear I Never Met Another Gemini.  I'm going to crank it to 11!!!!  

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Uummmm... I guess if you miss out yourself at Hot Topic this champ will be able to sort you out for the low low price of $80!




Just sent him a .99cent offer plus a little note:

Just wanted to send you a friendly message to let you know you're a piece of shit. Not only are you selling something you don't actually have but you're selling it for 4x the retail price. Go fuck yourself!

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I find all 4 of their albums to be very enjoyable, but hard to rank. Some days I would put PTF over FITF. And then some days I would put Heat Fetish over Silent Treatment. Happy I at least got to see them play a few times including their farewell tour

I saw them a few times, warped 05 I think and a show in Toronto. I go to a lot of shows and I have to say, they were incredible, just like the album's.

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