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The Bled - Pass the Flask LP Hot Topic exclusive REPRESS available now

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I really hope if this sell out they decide to press Found in the Flood. But I was hoping for the same from the FATA -The Fiction We Live leading to a pressing of Holding a Wolf by the Ears but I still don't think it's sold out and it had a small pressing of 500 also


if? this is a guaranteed to sell out. with a pressing of only 500, all online, and the bled having such a cult following, let alone this record, this thing prob wont make it through tomorrow. 


and its silver <3

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i remember watching the bled at warped tour on the ernie ball stage, and right when they came on the sky went black  and a huge storm started brewing and it got so crazy. dust cloud tornados and everything. shit was nuts. 


i think at the same time some girl got hurt/killed by a fence at the mainstage during nfg (or was it coheed?) pit. 

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