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Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

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I always associate stoner and sludge rock together.  Here are some recommendations off the top of my head from the sludgy, stoner side are :


Harvey Milk - A Small Touch of Human Kindness


Their whole catalogue is solid, except maybe The Pleaser.  A Small Touch is my favorite.


Conan - Horseback Battle Hammer

Eagle Twin - Either album is good

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction

aSg - Blood Drive (This probably fits between stoner rock and hard rock.  It grew on my a ton).


Early Baroness, Mastodon and Intronaut are all on the sludgy side of things.


Sleep and the post-Sleep projects (High on Fire, Om) are all good for different reasons.  New Om is really droney, but I dig it.


Kylesa and Black Tusk are rad.  I think sludgy punk music is a better way to describe them though.


The only doom I can think of recommending right now is is Loss - Despond.  That album is incredible.

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Holy shit.  My coworker just turned me on to this band:


They're called Poser Disposer (probably the greatest name ever) and play sludgy-thrash-grind kinda stuff.  Basically Municipal Waste with Entombed's guitar tone while baked beyond belief.  

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Seeing Orange Goblin tonight, I'm really damn excited about it too.


Also Monster Magnet is coming out with a new record and is on tour now.

This is all besides the awesome bands that have already been talked about heh.

How was the orange goblin show?

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Guest Justin Maheiny


Well now that I heard it I'm happy I didn't pre-order it from Napalm. Was pretty expensive.

I really don't like that Vista Chino album either. Can those dudes maybe try to stop sounding exactly like Kyuss now? It isn't 1992 any more. Time to move on.

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Guest Justin Maheiny

EHG had a mention so I did not name them. I have never listened to Grief. I bow to your greater comprehension of the genre and for offering an opinion.



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I think the only band I listen to that's considered doom metal is Acid Bath.  I've been listening to them since high school but have never branched out much in the genre to other bands.  I like Dax Riggs a lot.  Agents of Oblivion, his solo stuff, it's all pretty good in my book.

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