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Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

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New FVNERALS 7" available from Throne.



Great songs, love her voice.  To bad it is a 7", I can't be bothered with them. I'll still dl the digital though. 


Tracking number reveals Goya was delivered on the 20th, but I have no Goya. The ultimate sadness. I guess I can check at the post office but I'm not optimistic.


Dude, I hope the worst isn't true.  What a loss :(

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Welcome to the club. Outer battery has the split with slomatics and the mounth wrath live record in stock (if live records are your thing).

You can probably grab the newest record from the label still.

Horseback battle hammer will probably be the hardest, aka most expensive pick up.

I am still trying to decide if i like jex thoth.

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You would be surprised. Pentagram has been on heavy touring rotation in the past like 5 years. Have played pittsburgh at least once a year. The time i saw them they were just awful so be warned.

Well my concert viewing is sticky. I have two young kids and the only one to watch then is my mother in law. We can't take the kids there because they have 9 dog (not aggressive, but they are big and careless). So she comes here to watch then, but my father in law is sick and needs someone there with hi. So if I go to a show it has to be close by (Knoxville) and we only get about 1 or 2 good bands a year so blah blah blah long story short, my chances are slim on seeing anyone cone through here more than once in a decade.

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