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[PO] Caspian // Hymn For The Greatest Generation

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Put on your favorite walking shoes and stretch your calves; it looks like there's a new Caspian release on the horizon.


The EP Hymn For The Greatest Generation is slated for a November release. It contains three brand new tracks, a demo of High Lonesome, and two remixes of Waking Season's Procellous and Halls Of Summer.


Pre-order here.

One of the new songs - the title track, actually - can be streamed here.

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Caspian cannot be fucking stopped.


"The EP will be out in the US via CD/digital on November 11th, but the vinyl won't come out until December. Despite vinyl becoming really popular, no one has built more pressing facilities. As such, we're in the queue behind everyone else who's pressing holiday vinyl. We may be taking pre-orders at shows and shipping them out for free though."

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Ah damn, I still haven't listened to Waking Season!  The more Caspian the better, no matter how behind I am on it!


Not trying to sound rude here, but you really need to get on this.  So overdue.  Album is all sorts of phenomenal, in my opinion.


This > SRC announcement


Couldn't agree more with you on that one.

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Not trying to sound rude here, but you really need to get on this.  So overdue.  Album is all sorts of phenomenal, in my opinion.


Yeah, I still don't know how I keep overlooking it.  The Mylene Sheath represses of the other albums are on my turntable pretty regularly, so it's not like the band strays from my mind too much.  I'll give it a listen when I get to work in a few days and most likely order it shortly after.

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Caspian's HYMN FOR THE GREATEST GENERATION is up for PO on makemydays...6 Tracks, ca. 35 minutes, Gatefold, white vinyl incl downloadcard.

"Hymn for The Greatest Generation" is, in many ways, an epilogue to the story that Waking Season presented a year ago. A companion piece that functions as both a final word and a re-affirmation of purpose for the music of Caspian. Un-apologetically intentional string arrangements merged with the simplicity of the bands signature emotional songwriting, "Hymn..." forges into fresh territory while retaining narrative elements that people have come to know as vintage Caspian. "The Heart That Fed" uses elements of fan contributions in the form of original music box melodies and reimagines them into a darker, reflective and more ponderous original composition. Rather than using these submissions as direct source material, the band treats them more as artifacts - dug up, repurposed and refashioned to enable the creation of an original piece that bleeds intensity and heart.


Wondering if this is only released by MMD...they state that the record is currently only available through their online store...



For my Mylene Sheath friends out here:

If you're interested in ordering, get in touch with me (and/or check the Caspian-News thread at TMS)

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There's no way this won't see a stateside release. Absolutely no way. I'm also not cool with shelling out extra import fees to receive white wax, either. The wait continues. I bet a PO option is right around the corner.

Also, anyone else notice that even Triple Crown is hung up on the Walk vs. Wake affair? I dig it.

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