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Secret Audio Club - Wax Packs Series 1


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Hi All - I'm super proud to present to you Wax Packs Series 1





(Wax packs Series 1 Hobby Box in "retail display mode" pictured above)


Pre-order secretaudioclub.com/products/waxpacks


Each 7" is pressed on Black Vinyl, Color Vinyl (limited to 150) and hand numbered color vinyl (limited to just 50 copies). All 7"s are then placed in a jacket (identical artwork) and shrink wrapped to create "packs".  

Individual "packs" featuring one random 7" will be available at independent music stores nationwide. 


Sealed "boxes" are available directly from Secret Audio Club & up for pre-order today. Each box contains: 5 packs, you're guaranteed to get 5 different 7" records in each box one of those records being on color vinyl. As a bonus each box comes with a box topper trading card features one of the bands in the series (collect all 20!) with a digital download code good for a download of the series (minus one vinyl exclusive track).


Here is the starting line up for series 1:


#1 Causal & Crybaby

#2 Austin Lucas & John Moreland

#3 Aspiga & Broadcaster

#4 Gifthorse & Broken Field Runner

#5 PJ Bond & Arliss Nancy

#6 Marathon & Fire When Ready 

#7 Podacter & Banquets

#8 Placeholder & Such Gold

#9 Half Hearted Hero & Half Hearted Hero 

#10 Boxer & The Hundred Acre Woods 



Pre-order secretaudioclub.com/products/waxpacks

Learn more, hear tracks, etc. waxpacks.us





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