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4 hours ago, FOElite said:

Hot Topic- "Mid November. No set date at this time so keep an eye on the site for updates!" for Panic! reissues.

There were dates before Travis left. I believe 11/4 for two of them and 12/15 for the other two 

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51 minutes ago, gretchenmarie said:

Hey, just joined VC, wanted to share some info I found...So I just saw that Modern Vinyl's release calendar has Vices & Virtues and TWTLTRTD set for November 18th from HT...is this a reliable source? And if so, does anyone know  what time of day Hot Topic would post them? Thanks!

Modern Vinyl gets their info from this very thread....try reading it....

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Doesn't look like coupon codes stack. If you want a better deal it looks like the code HTHOL130 will give you $30 off $75  or HTHOL150 will give you $50 off $125 which is actually a 40% discount instead of 30%. You may have to break the order up a little more but may be a better deal. Supposedly doesn't work on vinyl but it is showing the discount on vinyl in my cart when I enter it...

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