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I bring my wife frequently to record and beer things with quantity limits. We usually shop together but when checkout time comes, I don't who the hell she is.


Just some lady with exquisite taste who is looking for a ride home. That's all I know. 


see also: how i got Sexual Chocolate, Stone Crime/Punishment/Southern Charred this week  :D  :D  :D

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also, drank a lambic from 1957 tonight. super interesting stuff. It was oxidized but not overly so, and not aggressively sour. With the plum oxidation and fruity apricot sourness, it actually made me

Kegerator setup with some Daisy Cutter to christen.  

@batman @BuzzersonKillwell   Just got back from our VT trip. We weren't able to get outside of Waitsfield after our hike but was able to get my hands on some Sip of Sunshine, Heady Topper, M

Those Stones any good? I want to try them, but $20 a bottle is harsh.



Haven't opened em yet, but I love beer with pepper(s) added, so I may be a bit biased haha.  Supposedly Punishment definitely lives up to its name.

Southern Charred doesn't have any additions of pepper, just a crazy barrel schedule. From what friends have told me, if you're going to get any of them, SC is the way to go.

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So, I quickly perused all 57 pages of this thread and noticed there were some other home brewers who were contributing.


My buddies and I brewed our first beer yesterday. Did an all-grain (no extract) Dogfish Head Shelter Pale Ale clone which we will be dry-hopping with Nelson when we transfer to our carboy. It was a great day.


Anyway, my question is, do any of you brewers have a website you use to create/store your recipes? I want to be able to have a catalog of our brews so we can reference them later if we want to do an additional batch/modify a recipe. It would also be nice if we were able to pull them up on our phones on brew day on some sort of integrated app.


I downloaded Brewing Assistant (which integrates to brewology101.com) but I didn't want to invest the time into learning it if there is a better option out there.

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