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Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

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Alright, these little bastards are ruining my life.

I poor stupid amounts of money into lots of things - records, comics, video games - but recently I've been getting more and more addicted to these little vinyl fellows.


Has anyone else fallen prey to these cute collectible demons?



I currently have  30 + and still have quite a few to go to finish my DC Comics collection - and thats not including variant figures.

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wait for hot cash and HT online sells a bunch of these! or just any of the hot topic sales!


They have an exclusiv daryl dixon walking dead one where he is wearing the poncho.


I'm waiting for the WWE ones to surface on the market.


Hot Topic sales put 99% of my Pops into my collection.


I have the Poncho Daryl and the Blood Splatter Chase variant Poncho Daryl.

I also managed to find a SDCC "exclusive" Rick Grimes Blood Splatter variant in a Hot Topic.


Edit: Also I can't wait for that CM Punk one.

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Just bought Daryl yesterday. My gf really wants to get into the special variants, she just ordered 3 adventure time ones


Variant hunting gets crazy expensive with these dudes.

I'm just trying to get the basic figures for the DC series and a few of the retired ones are upwards of $60 already.

I know some of the variant Batman figures fetch $300+

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Do you keep these in boxes or open and display them? I just bought some recently and haven't decided what to do.


The good news is: the boxes aren't sealed in any way so you can go back and forth.

When I started I was displaying them opened - but once I got a decent amount I started displaying them inbox.

I'll post a picture in a minute.


I've been looking all over for the Johnny Ramone one at a decent price, but I don't think it's gonna happen. It was on Amazon for like $11 but I waited too long.


Yeah, Johnny is the toughest of the Ramones figures to find - stupidly expensive at this point but I'm sure you could get lucky with it. I stumbled upon a series 1 Chase Variant Robin two days ago at a board game shop.

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what are these and why do people collect them?


They are just vinyl "toys" - little collectible stylized versions of characters from tv/movies/comics/videogames.

They are more or less bobbleheads or something like that.


Most people get into them because they like the show or the movie or whatever the characters come from.


For example I mainly collect DC comics and The Walking Dead figures.

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