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Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

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3 hours ago, marc32137 said:

Anyone have luck with the SDCC Pops today? Fortunately there were only 2 I was going for and I was able to snag them both (Thor from Amazon and Playboy Penguin from Entertainment Earth).

I got the Parks and Rec and Saga ones from HT and the Overwatch one from Gamestop. Successful day.

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4 hours ago, Rottengoth said:

I got one but the box is destroyed 

Yikes, that's almost worse than not having one at all. I only have one chase, it was just randomly inserted in an order I placed on amazon. But it shipped in a huge box with a 30lb bag of dog food so it got all smooshed. I called amazon and they sent me a replacement as well as like a $10 credit or something for my trouble, but the replacement wasn't the chase. So I know the feeling of hanging onto rare ones with a destroyed box. 

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15 hours ago, kylet said:

You find one? They started hitting the shelves by me. I was able to grab a few but they were all claimed by my horror friends. There's 3 of us who always look out for each other with exclusives. 

Yeah thank you, only one I need is Frankenstein

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On 9/14/2018 at 11:34 AM, kylet said:

My friend pointed out to me that the Walgreens Halloween exclusives are now on their website. I tried adding it to my cart this morning but there were "none in inventory". Maybe they'll start popping up online soon? Who knows. 

Try again. Just added one to my car and it didn’t give me trouble, sent me to checkout. 

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On 7/6/2022 at 12:49 PM, jhulud said:

Anyone can find a Stranger Things Eddie Munson Target exclusive one and willing to hook me up, it'd be incredibly appreciated. It seems that all stores are out of stock and online sold out. Hopefully they will re-stock soon. And eBay prices are disgustingly obscene. 


Probably going to my local one tonight, I'll keep an eye out. I want one as well. 😂


Did see this when looking the other day:


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