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Records you regret not buying, when you could have

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On 2/4/2017 at 6:15 PM, timsimmons said:

Anyone have the Analogue Bubblebath 4LP boot from VD? If so, how's the quality? 

I bought it & it's fantastic! A lot of people have complained about the sound quality being terrible, but mine sounds superb. However, mine is the clear vinyl version. Apparently, there's some coloured vinyl ones (in the same sleeve/packaging ) & they are the ones that are bad. I've tested it by playing digeridoo off that & then playing the original 12" single version &  there's not much in it! Analogue bubblebath #5 is a little underproduced, but it was never meant for release.. so to own it, I leapt at it! £40 for four records packed with aphex rarities is a no brainer, in my book. I hope this helps! 

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The blue variant of empath by Devin Townsend. Had the money and the time, but I let international shipping deter me for a few hours. By the time I was ready to commit it was gone.


Less recently? Scored a copy of the lost in translation soundtrack for $50 and then sold it for the same a month later when I needed cash... regretted it since and haven’t been able to find a copy for anywhere close to that price.


thank fuck for RSD2019


imma flip the thread on its head here though and point out some records I was happy to get hold of and have absolutely no regrets and no intention of ever parting with...


 Wu lyf- go tell fire first press (goes for $100+)

black queen- infinite games color swirl (goes for ~$200)

tom waits- rain dogs and bone machine first presses ($60-$120 each)



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16 hours ago, Dojo Daniel said:

I bought it and emailed him to cancel my order just cause I felt like I had been spending too much on records at the time.  Biggest god damn mistake of my life

I added it to my cart and thought the same shit, my thing was ooh I don't like white vinyl lmao. Huge regrets now but I have dkc2 so that's good enough for me I suppose. 

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