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FS: TSL, Amenra, Converge, CTTS, Cursed, Maths, Sneeze, Skitsystem, Discordance Axis, ...

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remaining records on discogs. marked down for a week:



if youre interested in a few of these shoot me a message- i always do deals on multiple purchases. grateful for anyone helping me out!


im shipping stuff from germany and i send internationally. GOOD thing is, germany shipping rates are quite cheap!:
up to 500g- 4€

up to 1kg- 8€

(no matter what format)
insurance (100€) and tracking is an extra 4€, let me know if wanted


always feel free to ask for pictures!



Lord Snow - Solitude - TEST PRESSING, Black Vinyl, handnumbered #4/12 on the Label. (M)

The Saddest Landscape - Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross - TEST PRESSING, Cover w/ photocopied Picture, Back stamped and numbered 24/25. from their latest Boxset Kickstarter

The Saddest Landscape - Sound Of The Spectacle - TEST PRESSING, Cover w/ photocopied Picture, Back stamped and numbered 23/25. from their latest Boxset Kickstarter


Amenra - Mass I - Solid Gold / Black Marble  Vinyl (100/1500) - shrinkwrap opened on side to confirm color. (M)

Brian McGee - The Taking Or The Leaving - Green Vinyl, in shrink, unplayed. small corner crease on top right corner due to us-shipment. #183/500. brian drew himself a mustache and a speech bubble apologizing for messing up my order. unfortunately not into this record! (M/VG+)


Calculator - These Roots Grow Deep - 1st press black vinyl, includes booklet & poster (NM)


Candy Hearts - Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy - pink /white split colored (lavender lollipop) /250! shipping wear: two corner dings. otherwise excellent condition. (NM/VG+)


Candy Hearts - The Best Ways To Disappear - clear vinyl with b-side etching /400 (NM/VG+)

Canyons / Tigon / Foreign Theaters - Can't Have Nothin' Nice Split - black vinyl w/ insert and (unused) d/l code. has the tinies corner bump on lower left corner. (NM)


Captain Planet - Treibeis - Black Vinyl (NM)

Circle Takes The Square - Decompositions: Volume Number One- DLP, solar/lunar 150g vinyl /200/1000 - still as i recieved it, has a little shipping wear on one corner (M-)

Converge - Caring & Killing - The Early Years 1991-1994- Clear w/ white Splatter (/300/3000) - still in shrink! color confirmed by sticker on shrink, will open on side if wanted. has a little shipping wear on one corner. (M-)


Cursed - One - 180g Black/ Gold Split Colored Vinyl, Hands Cover, Gatefold (/500/1000) (VG+/NM)

Discordance Axis - Jouhou- Repress on DLP, Translucent Dark Blue Vinyl, Gatefold (M)


Genghis Tron - Board Up The House - Black Vinyl w/ D-Side Etching (NM)


Maths- Descent - Black Vinyl w/ Pink screened Cover /25 (NM)


Tel Fyr / Todos Caerán - Split - Transparent Green Vinyl with Bronze Splatter /200 (NM)


Wavelets - Athaletics - 180g Black Vinyl (NM)


Wintersun - Time I - 180g Translucent Blue Vinyl (NM)


You'll Live - Above the Weather - seafoam green Vinyl (NM)



4Trackboy* & Echomann - Bier Aus Gläsern / Madigras 7" (M)

Antioch Arrow / Candle - Split 7" - Black Vinyl, small gravity insert. vinyl is a little dusty, sleeve got some small ink fingerprints on the candle side, maybe from screenprinting. (VG+/VG+)

Coma Regalia / Vowel - Split 7" - Black Vinyl 332/500 (M)
Coma Regalia / Laeirs - Split 7" - Black vinyl 169/500 (M/NM)
Coma Regalia / Quantis - Split 7" - Black Vinyl 360/500 (M)
Coma Regalia / The Catlin Elm - Split 7" - Black Vinyl (M)
Coma Regalia / Capacities - Split 7" Black Vinyl 273/500 (M)

(the other) Dads - Hat Creek 7" - black vinyl w/ stamped inner sleeve and insert.(NM)


Hourglass - Hourglass - 1st press (?-same labels as pictured) black vinyl, first press 'ink spatter' labels, booklet missing. (/1000) (NM)


Monarcs / Osceola - Split - white vinyl, basically mint. hand-numbered 218/220 (NM)


Monarcs / Osceola - Split - black vinyl, mint record, shipping wear on front. hand-numbered 176/220 (NM/VG+)

Native Nod - New Compositions And Arrangements For The Zither (NM/VG+)



Black Kites - The Last Three Songs Tape - small stain on the cover- this is how i recieved the tape. (M/VG)


Kittyhawk - s/t Tape - #28/100, perfect shape. (M)


Robotosaurus - Manhater Tape - sealed (M)


Skitsystem - Stigmata Tape - cover has slight discoloration on spine/ tape has some scratches on the edges. (VG+/VG)


Sneeze - I'm Going To Kill Myself Tape - 1st press blue tape, 11x17 poster, beautiful packaging. first press #64/100 (M) - only selling for a good offer!



SHIRTS (all medium)


A Wilhelm Scream - black shirt w/ white collage print

Dikembe - light brown shirt w/ beermaster print

Mouthbreather - grey shirt w/ dude and deer print (black and blue)

My Fictions - white shirt w/ sad man print

The Number 12 Looks Like You - gray shirt w/ red killer penguins print

William Bonney - white shirt w/ black "baghead" print, came with good vibes preorder



i know how to pack records properly. be sure to get your record neaty packed up in mailers w/ cardboard and bubble wrap. also your record will be taken out of its sleeve to prevent seam-splitting.
tapes will be sent in a letter with bubblewrap.



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added some stuff:


Cavalcades - Coping - German Version, Blue Vinyl w/ Pasture Screenprint on B-Side (/60)

Cursed - One - 180g Black/ Gold Split Colored Vinyl, Hands Cover, Gatefold (/500/1000)

Lt. Mosh - White Vinyl w/ Screened B-Side (/493)

Old Gray - An Autobiography - White Vinyl w/ Gold & Silver Splatter w/ Preorder Cover (/25/300)

Wintersun - Time I - 180g Translucent Blue Vinyl


ebay on sunday

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