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FS: Touché, TBS, HRVRD, BTBAM, Athletics, Athletics, MovMou, FOT, Wavelets, FYS, Sum 41


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You guys all know how this time of year is. I wasn't expecting to be this low on cash and have so many things pop up that I need on top of buying Christmas presents and having to travel to family events and stuff. What's left of my variants from TBS and HRVRD are listed, as well as some other things I'm trying to sell. I'm not looking to get crazy numbers on much of this. Most things will be around cost plus shipping, or less, with the exception of a couple of the variants that cost me an arm and a leg, and the BMTH record. I'll be a little more open to lower, but not ridiculously low offers this time since I need to get rid of things and build some cash. Before anyone starts, no I did not buy those Touché Amore record with the intention of selling or trading them. I bought those two variants and the deluxe because I couldn't decide between the variants, and I wanted a regular and the deluxe. Now I need money more than the extra variant. Just looking for cost plus shipping or an offer.

Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? - Sea blue/silver swirl

Between the Buried & Me - The Parralax Box Set

Fairweather - Lusitania - Clear/blue splatter, clear/green splatter

The Fall of Troy - In the Unlikely Event - mint green LP

The Forecast - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen - clear LP

Four Year Strong - In Some Way, Shape, or Form - black LP

Hailey, It Happens - Aurora - black LP

Moving Mountains - S/T - white

Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitudes - blue/white starburst

Sum 41 - All Killer, No Filler - red LP

Touche Amore - ...Is Survived By - clear w/ cyan mix

Wavelets - Athletics - clear red

Taking Back Sunday:

So, this is the biggest variant collection I have. I've already sold a couple things, so I'm committed now. I'm not selling my tests unless someone just blows me away. I'm not parting out my 7"s. Newer presses will pretty much be cost, but 3rd/4th presses and below will cost more. I know about how much I have in them.

Tell All Your Friends (Alternate Cover):

•Clear Gold /560 (1st)

•Orange /1100 (2nd)

Tell All Your Friends (Regular Cover):

•Yellow /400 (3rd)

•Light Blue /200 (3rd)

•Clear Purple /1000 (4th)

Where You Want to Be (Fold-Over Jacket):

•Blue (1st)

Where You Want to Be (Regular Jacket):

•Yellow (2nd)

•Black (2nd)

We Play Songs:

•Black /2000

•Yellow /300


So yeah. This was another costly collection. I'd also trade some of those for a Bird's Cage test. Make an offer on these. The only one I'm looking for more than cost plus shipping on is the original Inevitable & I.

The Inevitable & I

•Dark clear blue (second press)

From the Bird's Cage

•clear w/ a little white smoke

These are a few things I'm willing to trade/bargain for, as I've been looking for them for quite some time.

Copeland - You Are My Sunshine, In Motion, Beneath Medicine Tree

Paramore - Riot!

Manchester Orchestra - deluxe Simple Math, clear Annuals split

City & Colour - Hurry & the Harm (orange)

Coheed & Cambria - SSTB (green)

The Devil Wears Prada - Plagues/Dear Love

Norma Jean - Almighty Boxset

Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost to Rest & Brother's Blood (pink/blue)

Large Manchester Orchestra, Good Old War, Emery, Taking Back Sunday prints/tour prints

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