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*Pre-Order begins at 12am EST on Friday December 6th, 2013.** 
7inch Vinyl Edition limited to 400 pieces total, all on clear vinyl, hand packaged, and hand numbered. 100 copies out of the 400 will also be signed and renumbered by frnkiero. 
*All vinyl will be packaged and shipped at random giving everyone who purchases the 7inch equal opportunity to receive low numbers/ signed copies. 
$12.00 USD plus Shipping and Handling 
Ships Worldwide."
I will be staying up to pre-order this- must be the die hard MCR fan in me.

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Not sure if everyone's seen this but Frank posted a description of the release on his blog:


"hell-oh dears, 

as promised the following are the details for my first release:
     i recently recorded 2 songs for my wife's birthday. i have decided to release these songs and dedicate my first ep to her. she is the love of my life, and has been my best friend and the most incredible partner i could have ever asked for. she inspires me and deserves more than i could possibly give her.
    a few years ago, on december 10, my wife and i found out we were going to be parents for the first time. a blessing we had long hoped for. that date will forever be imbedded in my psyche as the day my life changed forever...for the better. seems to me like the perfect day to begin our latest chapter... 
                                                friends and foes, i welcome you to B.CALM PRESS.

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Stoked to see if this comes signed, but either way im glad i got this, it will be really neat to listen to


Storenvy's shipping is always horrible


I wish it would've been the first 100 get the signed because I'm pretty sure I was one of the first 100. Now the waiting game begins!

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