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Death Pool 2014—any interest?

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Anyone into doing a Death Pool for 2014? I have some friends on another board who do this every year and they say it's a lot of fun.


It works like this: You buy in for X amount and you get to pick Y amount of celebrities that you predict will die over the 2014 calendar year. Participants draft their celebs so there is no overlap. Here's how you get points:


-If a celebrity you pick dies, you get 1 point for every year under 100 they were at their passing. (I.e., if a celeb was 99 when they die, you'd get 1 point; if they were 83 when they die, you'd get 17 points, etc.)

-If you pick a celebrity that has already been publicly diagnosed with a terminal disease (i.e. cancer), the most you can score for that person is 1 point, no matter how young/old they are.

-Any celebrity you pick that is 100 years old or older that dies will only get you 1 point.


The definition of "celebrity" is malleable but ideally they would have a Wikipedia page; basically, if the person's death would get reported through any sort of national news (TV/internet/print/etc.), it would count.


The winner at the end of the calendar year gets all the money; second place gets their entry fee back.


If people are into this, I propose a $20 buy-in with no limit to participants. Each person can pick 10 celebrities, broken down into the following five categories:


SPORTS (2) — athletes, sports commentators, professional wrestlers, etc.

POLITICS (2) — world leaders, politicians, pundits, etc.

HOLLYWOOD (2) — actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc.

MUSIC (2) — musicians, music industry execs, managers, etc.

WILD CARD (2) — your call! Can be from any of the above categories or something else entirely, as long as it's a public figure of some sort


What do y'all think?

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I know its all in fun, but I would feel weird that if someone I picked died, I would first think to myself "well that's a point!" instead of thinking that a human being lost their life haha. If I ended up winning, I'd just give the winnings to charity or something like that.

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