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FS/FT: Recent Sold Out Hot Topic Exclusives

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In case you don't venture towards the general discussion boards often

Here's the scoop, I found more copies of records I know people wanted so here's a full list of HT exclusives I have on me right now.

Rise Against - The Sufferer and The Witness x1

Rise Against - Siren Song of The Counter Culture x5

Blink 182 - Buddha x1

Linkin Park - Meteora x9


Want at cost if anything. (plus postage/fees/etc)


Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here - Clear with Blue Smoke, Royal Blue, and Olive variants are available.

Terror - Keepers Of The Faith- Black w/ White Haze

Hundredth - Revolt - Gray Marble

The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation - Gray

The Story So Far - What You Don't See - Black 180 Gram - White - and - Clear w/ Ox Blood

Hunger Games OST

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes

Saosin - the smokey gray variant

TS & The Past Haunts - No Sleep Subscription

Memphis May Fire - Challenger -White

I'll take offers on those, I at least wanna make my money back on them though ;p

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8 copies of Breaking Bad?

Jesus. No wonder I can't find a copy anywhere near Chicago.

Dude, I'll meet up with you if you want. But I'm south of Chicago so I def did not pick up ones in the ones closer. In fact, I got some today in Aurora.

Have you checked Schaumburg?

The only malls I go to are Westfield Louis Joliet, Westfield Fox Valley, and Westfield Orland Square

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saw them at my local store yesterday, something like $36.99. i was all set to buy one for my brother until i saw that.

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nonono they 15% off when you make x amount of dollar purchases.

although i might be able to convince to let me buy some of the records that arent selling using it and hook up people here with the savings, even though it'd be a long shot that anyone would want a cheap born of osiris

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