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AVAILABLE NOW! Damascus - Heights (Sly Vinyl Records) (FFO: Caspian, Russian Circles etc.)

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On second thought, I'm gonna pass on this for now. Can't justify spending $27 on a record right now. Also, why is media mail shipping $6.50?


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agree. I was all the way through the checkout process and I saw the $26.50 total price tag and I had to back down.

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That shipping cost will have to eventually come down in the future, Forbes. It's a serious concern that you should pass along to the uppers.

Having gone with the bundle, the price breaking down to $21 per LP isn't too terribly bad. And you have to keep in mind that the finer details are going into this release - 180 gram weight, sturdy gatefold, numbering, and so on. Not to mention the cause is a great one. Even though $26.50 PPD is steep for a single LP, there's no way Sly Vinyl is laughing their way to the bank. These are good dudes taking their own time and spending their own money to bring us a limited run of some great music. Not your average Amazon pre-order.

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Since we are still a "one room operation" we can't bring down the shipping just yet. It has to do with many aspects that are outside of our control. The pressing plant is in SF, CA (this cost was huge) and we must get every piece delivered to Denver, CO where we have to put these together with only a few hands. From shipping to you guys, to the mailers themselves, to the tracking/insurance... it all adds up. In due time we will have things handled much better but for now it's the only way :(


Just know that for $6.50 you're getting all the possible luxuries with the mailing process. Adding tracking/insurance is something we're doing standard on this one.


With all being mentioned, we brought the price down as low as we could.


If this deterred you from purchasing, I'm very, very sorry :( Just know that we love you and hope that you will understand this reasoning during the early days of Sly Vinyl as a label.


Nothing but <3 for you all.

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People DO NOT message me asking to give you the coupon code. It was given to people who supported the BSBD release for a specific reason and it wasn't intended to be shared publicly. Use your head. I'm not disrespecting SlyVinyl or Forbs like that and shame on you for asking me to disrespect them like that.


for the 'record'. it wasnt me.

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Yeah, what mkhaytman said. I'm not sure where my code is, physically, but I can assure you I've got one. Somewhere.

Unless the code is a one-time deal. In which case I'd like to save it.

I honestly didn't even realize i had got one with the BSBD release until rspkt mentioned it. Found it quick with a gmail search though.

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Hey all it's Scott, head dude or (upper), here from SlyVinyl. I wanted to toss over a quick message and say thank you so much for your support. I also wanted to publically on here say thanks to Ryan / forbsie for all his work on this. Ryan has busted his ass to make this happen and should be given so much credit. It was 100% a labor of love on his behalf just like all the time he spends posting on the blog. I am truly thankful to have a dedicated and amazing team.


A couple notes on questions.

1. yes i can cancel orders and allow you to re-order if you forgot your code. 

2. the coupon codes were for our supporters & the store will check your account.

3. sorry shipping sucks, but if you have followed sly and our releases, you'll know shipping has been tough on us. We are working hard to make sure there aren't any issues going forward & will continue to work on taking the cost down. We are aware that the media mail is high, but can't take it down right now. Promise we're working on it.

4. As for monies, we sold out BSBD and are almost sold out of Way Yes and our profits from those 2 pressings weren't even enough to pay the bill to get Damascus pressed. We are not currently making money, and on our way to the bank we're def not laughing.


Mainly though I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the excruciatingly nice things you guys have said about supporting us. I never really planned on Sly being where it is and couldn't be happier to be along for the ride. Your comments have 100% made my week.  

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