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Technics SL-D2 for sale... it works... i recently replaced the needle but it could probably use a new one (with this cart itll run you about $10) but it still does work. the dust cover is pretty beat up but itll still hook onto the hinges. pm me an offer. buyer pays shipping


EDIT: lol. $55 OBO + Shipping. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18JOz6eQFda6AI-6CiBLncttY1MSowQo8rmIjZ0ytdv4/edit


ps i tried this out the other day and the needle works fine idk what the fuck i was talking about

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Not to be an asshole, but the SL-D2 is a well thought of table.  It usually goes for around 100 or so on craigslist, more on ebay.  Just because VC isn't a big vintage audio community doesn't mean you can just espouse bullshit to get whatever price you want.

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I'd just like to vouch for this table.  I don't know how much he's asking since I'm not in the market, but I've had personal experience with this table and can tell you first hand this is a solid listening table.  It's up to par with the modern entry level tables (pro-ject carbon, rega rp1, etc) and worth some decent money.  If you're looking for a good starter deck, this can easily outperform a U-turn or the like.  Worth at least 100 as long as everything is in good working order (even without a cartridge).  

I'm personally pretty pissed that people are shitting on this guy for trying to sell a good turntable.

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