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PO: American Football - American Football (Deluxe Edition) 2X 180g LP - Polyvinyl Early Bird

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I know it's heresy but I still own zero copies of this.  I'll be watching this thread pretty closely.


You can still get a relatively cheap copy from their bandcamp.



Same and same. I guess I've just been holding out for a blue copy.



I think this will be a fancy repress though.


I want to say it's gonna be a 2xLP with like, outtakes and demos and live tracks and crap. I don't think they've been active at all, so unless they're springing a new album out of nowhere, what else could it be? If it's just a colored repress, man, who cares.

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Basically what happened is the drummer found an old cassette of demos, unreleased material and polyvinyl remastered it and is releasing it either alone or as a deluxe version of the album.


Mike Kinsella did a podcast interview a few weeks back and said that it'd be released with the full length because most of the new stuff isn't complete songs and whatnot. I am eager to hear the old demos and whatever.

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Looks like all of polyvinyl's 2lp albums are $18-20. Hopefully they'll stick with that. I'm not even sure if I'd rebuy the album for a disc of demos. Might stick to digital purchase, at first anyway. Then again, with polyvinyl's annual sales I'd probably be enticed to buy it eventually, regardless.

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