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Just watched this rad documentary about backyard shows in East LA, figured some of you would be interested.


(Fuck yeah, Vimeo embeds so much easier than youtube!)


They come from all over the greater Los Angeles area-- Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Lynwood, Santa Clarita, etc.--from diverse family backgrounds, seeking out the underground pop-up punk shows that make up the "East Los" backyard scene. Straight-up punk, metal, horror ska, oi and psychobilly are all in the mix and, while the music is diverse, its aggressive approach is a constant. There's always a mosh pit. TV, radio, gossip columns and Internet memes don't support this scene: It must be sought out, specifically, and for a variety of reasons. This is a simple D.I.Y., research- required, no bullshit, anti-establishment, fuck the system, off the wall approach and exactly what kids attending these shows need to feel like they belong. Each character is his or her own person, an individual with their own personal experiences, history, likes and dislikes. The one thing that brings them all together, that creates a sense of family, is the East L.A. backyard scene.


Full Episodes: 


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Dope ass documentary (once you can actually find it haha) Episode 4 hits home with me. It's too bad these bands won't get as much recognition and can't afford touring and shit like that but then again maybe they don't give a damn about it either way the talents there 

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