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WTB: Norma Jean (all variants)


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I actually already have a good handful of these, just trying to complete the collection.  I've had my chances to grab all of these at eBay prices & passed, so hoping to get these last few at better prices, figure it can't hurt to try, maybe someone has them laying around collecting dust.  Not looking to include test presses in the set either.  I'll post some pictures once it's all completed.  Also, I have a real short trade list with nothing too crazy or rare, but willing to trade also.


7" Split

Norma Jean/MeWithoutYou


Box set: Bless The Martyr/O God/Redeemer

700 - Half Black Half Green/Half Red Half White/Picture Disc

400 - Black With Green Swirl/Red With White Splatter/Picture Disc


The Anti-Mother

700 - Blood Red

300 - Half Black Half White



? - Black



? - Purple

? - Blue Grey Swirl

? - Clear

? - Yellow/Banana Marble 



1000 - 3.5" Black

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Never posted pictures on here yet, so just experimenting how to do it with the newest album I have here.  I'll gather up all the rest & picture them all hopefully soon here. 


Also, I added the 7" split to the list.  Just a few to go!  And a thanks to malestudent15 for the red Anti-Mother!




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Alright, I hope I'll have a yellow marble copy of Wrongdoers soon.  I know they have it available at their merch table on tour, which of course is no where near me.  So I'm taking a chance buying another copy from Best Buy.  Over in the Wrongdoers thread I posted about a seller having it for sale on discogs, who told me "I did not get it on tour, but through standard distribution channels. Is it possible that it's the latest pressing of it?"  So being as the album was on sale at bestbuy.com for $7.99, and on backorder, I'm hoping they're out of stock, and the newest batch they get in will be this latest pressing.  And I just got shipping confirmation, so I'll know in a few days.

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There's a yellow variant listed on eBay.


I saw that, and saw the one on discogs, too.  Both in the $25-$31 range after shipping.  I'd rather pay the merch table $20, or Best Buy $7.99, given the opportunity.  But we'll see what happens with what Best Buy sends out.  Good looking out, though.



Let me know. I need that too.


Will do, I'm guessing it'll be here early next week.

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Took some pictures.  Noticing the bottom picture a little blurrier, that's what I get with an iPhone 4.  (Sure, blame the camera, not photographer.)


Got my Best Buy Wrongdoers in today, and sure enough, struck gold.  Or "nanner-marble" as the singer calls it.  So to anyone looking for the new yellow variant-try Best Buy, they're $7.99 right now.  Another thing I picked up on if you're in question of Wrongdoer variants, the blue and purple each have price tag stickers on the front indicating blue or purple, the clear variants have no sticker-no indication, and the yellow copies have that "hype" sticker, reading "The Almighty Norma Jean return with an epic new album Wrongdoers. featuring..." etc.


Almost there!





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