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what are you waiting for to be released????

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so, weve got the 'recent purchases' thread, and the 'what should be on vinyl' thread. how about the 'what are you waiting to buy that you know will be released soon??" thread? HERE IT IS!!!

i have my panties in a twist for the following:

sunn o))) - oracle 12"

lotus eaters - wurmwulv

ion dissonance - minus the herd


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pelican - city of echoes 2xlp

poison the well - versions 2xlp (make it happen virgil!)

all of the mewithoutyou lps that are supposed to be coming out

pygmy lush - bitter river lp

apparently robotic empire is repressing isis - panopticon which i already have but im curious to see what they do with it this time around. i guess im an isis nerd.

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I got confused when reading this theard and thought it was another "What are you waiting for in the mail" kind of thread...maybe change it to "What upcoming releases are you looking forward to?" to avoid dummies like me getting confused.

Just a thought.

Looking forward to the new Nada Surf do out by years end. I'd assume Sonic Boom's going to handle the vinyl version again, at least I hope so as they did a bang up job on Weight is a Gift

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Somebody on the Isis message board stated that the box set would be released by Conspiracy Records toward the end of the year, but don't quote me on that. Everything that I have ordered from them I have been extremely pleased with (i.e. quality of the jackets, really cool color vinyl, etc.) However, they are often very pricey, as I just received a copy of their repress of Celestial (on orange and white swirl) and a copy of Jesu's latest ep and the total was around $65. I can only imagine what the boxset will cost.

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conspiracy does do a really great job with everything i have ever received from them. everything does tend to be expensive, so i cant order that often. however, where im not willing to pay $200 on a 2LP box set of Boris' Rainbow, i would lay that down in a heartbeat for a discography box set of isis.

im trying to think back to what they charged for their 20th anniversary 12LP box set a few months back. i dont think it was much more than $200 for the entire subscription. could prob use that as somewhat of a gauge.

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Holy nuts, tell me more! I LOVE Walter. Seeing him solo a few years ago in NYC (his first-ever solo show, apparently) was life-changing.

With Walter nothing is ever shure, but it seems a solo album will be out very soon, maybe on Dine Alone Records (http://www.dinealonerecords.com/bands/), the man is living (and recording) in Germany now and recently played a few of gigs with a full band of his german friends...

And that's all!!

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Guest Admin

we are most likely going to send out the pre-order for the tim barry and josh small vinyl tomorrow. I am excited for these vinyl releasses myself!

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