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From Tobacco's Facebook: 


"no more games - new album "Ultima II Massage" is out may 13 on ghostly. we'll be seeing you on tour."


You have no idea how pumped I am for this. I'm definitely a Tobacco fanboy. I'll be breathing down Ghostly International's neck for that pre-order.


There's already a review/interview up for it here: http://motorcomusic.com/tobacco

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the latest batch New Fumes posted is amazing. If mine looks half as cool as this it'll be worth the wait http://instagram.com/newfumes

I just heard the sample song and loved it. Totally not my usual genre of music.   I ordered the hand dipped one even though it came out to $36 because I didn't want to regret NOT doing it.   Doesn

That one is the best I've seen yet! Here are mine...

Here's one of the tracks on the album, Lipstick Destroyer. This was also released as a split 7" single on the BMSR site.




I will be buying and attending that Motorco show!



If he has any crazy shit for sale I'd love to know, I have Fucked Up Friends and Maniac Meat already but Tobacco tends to just churn out cool stuff.

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From Tobacco's facebook:


"The ULTIMA II MASSAGE Pre-order will be up and running around 2PM Eastern this Thursday, March 6 (give or take an hour)! The piece we're most excited about is the Hand-Dipped vinyl by New Fumes. If you're familiar with the vinyl pouring art he's done for the Flaming Lips over the past couple years, it will definitely be something worth owning. Every vinyl will be its own piece of art, and since Ultima is a double LP, you get two. These are pretty limited and could go quickly, so keep an eye on www.radcult.net.Because of the nature of the project, any pre-orders including the Hand-Dipped vinyl could be slightly delayed, but will be worth the wait."




Looks like it will come in Flaming Lips-style hand-dipped 2x LP, yellow 2x LP, CD, cassette, or everything all together in bundle form.

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Had to spring on the bundle, I don't usually get shirts and posters and extra merch like that, but I love Tobacco and almost everything he's done. Came out to $99.80 after shipping, pretty damn steep and I wouldn't do it under normal circumstances but I've been waiting for this and I just sold some stuff.

Now to wait for Start A People and Falling Through A Field first pressings.. Tobacco and BMSR are getting a lot of my money this year..


Most of the black moth related stuff comes and goes and requires a good chunk of change to pick up after the fact. Even though i see it each album i put off buying stuff and then regret it 6 months later.


You got that right. It's generally hard to find stuff now, for a reasonable price anyway.

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From the facebook:



."heads up - we only have 15 spa day packages and 30 hand dipped vinyl left. we'll have just a handful of the hand-dipped on the first leg of the tour with us if you miss out."


I'm assuming Ghostly will still have some.


Yup, Ghostly has 500 hand-dipped available, and the other 100 are going to be sold on tour.

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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