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Kanye West

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL Box-Set limited to /200, about to sell out

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4 hours ago, niblips said:

I see you can order them again from their website. Looks like the silver on black printing for the box.

Anyone order one who can verify the printing colour on the box?


The first press was that sepia colour on black.

The next 2 test colours (limited to 200 each) were Silver on Black and White on Silver.

The image for the version you can order now looks like its the silver on black box.




I'm sorry I don't have any pics as I am work, but I can confirm that I ordered the box last June and received the silver on black one (https://www.discogs.com/Neutral-Milk-Hotel-NMH-Vinyl-Box-Set/release/5594481)

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9 hours ago, dirtydebutant said:

thats the way most people who have a soul feel about the songs. thats what makes it so special. I was a bit late as well, i dont know if i wouldve been so hooked if i had listen to it earlier in my life

Sometimes albums need to happen at the right time, ive known about the album for years but never listened, it was organic

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4 hours ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

Yes. He does this periodically. The email notifications are always a bit too late. Best bet is just checking WWoW and getting lucky.

i actually got those signed records last year or the year before that. Aeroplane, Avery Island and Live at Jittery Joe's. So it does look like he puts them up from time to time.

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9 hours ago, billya said:

When they were touring again back in 2013-2014 I saw them a handful of times. It was pretty easy to meet them, but despite my efforts I never got to see April 8th, and I never met Jeff. 

As someone who has had the pleasure of meeting him, he’s even fuzzier (in the most positive form of the word) than you’re imagining. 

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