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What was the first record you ever bought?

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I was a Pearl Jam Ten Club member in 09, but didn't know about their Holiday Single 7" being a vinyl record.  It wasn't the greatest thing, but it was cool to own a record.  At that time my dad was beginning to archive his old 45s and LPs on his computer, so I got my first experience at playing vinyl.  I didn't buy anything until 2011, when Thrice released Major/Minor.  That record made me get more serious about collecting, since it was colored vinyl and from a band I love.

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Yes - Close to the Edge

I was in high school and was really into prog rock. One day I went to get Chinese take out and while waiting, I noticed that there was a record shop next door. Went in and bought what was my favorite album at the time. The fried rice was delicious too. It was a good day.

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Thomas Dolby "She Blinded Me With Science" - bought it with my allowance.


I'd previously been gifted a copy of The Eurythmics "Who's that Girl" 45 signed by both Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The Eurythmics were also my first concert. 


I'm old enough that I bought my first records when I was 6 since that's what you bought. All Ya'll that waited for a "vinyl revival" are posers. Ha ha.

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Bought my friend's record player that I found out was his parents. With it, he gave me:


Verse - Aggression on red

This is Hell - Misfortunes on yellow

NFG - Tip of the Iceberg, forgot the color

Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget on yellow


So technically I bought those, but the first record I think I actually went to the store to buy was probably Thrice - Beggars on clear green and #'d from Hot Topic. Had no idea who the band was, and all of these records I ended up selling within a month or two of buying them. I was dumb and I regret it 'til this day.

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A System Of A Down "Hypnotize" picture disc when I was in middle school. I wasn't even aware record players still existed and just bought it as a novelty thing to frame. 


Before I got it framed my friend's dad played it for me on his turntable, and I remember thinking it was super cool that there was actually music on it. 

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The first two records I bought were Slayer – Show No Mercy and Gorilla Biscuits – S/T 7”. I purchased Slayer at the local mall and Gorilla Biscuits was purchased through Revelation Records. I was 13 or 14 when this record was released. So I had to write a letter to Revelation requesting to buy this record and then ask my mom to write a check for me to pay for it. Then I had to wait weeks until it arrived. I literally checked my mailbox everyday hoping for it to be delivered and when it finally did, I was beyond happy. Buying records was much different then how it’s done today. There were no preorders, no tracking numbers to locate the record once it was shipped or an email address to contact the label asking why the record hasn’t shipped yet. You literally had to just wait until it showed up at your door. This made the anticipation for any record I purchased that much greater. Anyway, the Gorilla Biscuits 7” is still one of my favorite records in my collection.

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